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The Unexpected Markiplier Easter Egg You Likely Missed In Doom Eternal

2020's Doom Eternal was one of the year's early highlights and, evidently, contained numerous Easter eggs you likely missed. One of these Easter eggs was a reference to the ultra popular YouTube streamer Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach.

One of the most notable areas in Doom Eternal is the Fortress of Doom, which itself is a museum of references, both to the series and other entities. In the Fortress of Doom, there's a bookshelf with multiple stacked books. On the bookshelf alone, there are numerous books that reference the Doom series and other properties. For instance, the developers put fun Doom-themed spins on several famous literary works, including books titled Don Slayote, The Caco in the Rye, Green Eggs and Pentagram, and The Guts of Wrath.

There is also a book on the shelf that references Markiplier's dad, Cliffton M. Fischbach. Titled How to Comb Your Mustache, the book makes reference to the late Cliffton Fischbach and his mustache, which, as seen in photos shared by Markiplier, is quite impressive.

A Doom library of Easter eggs

Markiplier was able to locate the book himself in a heartfelt livestream where he briefly discussed his interaction with the developers, stating that he expressed how much the series meant to him. Thus, it seems the members of the development team gave their thanks by immortalizing Markiplier's late father's name in the game.

While this particular reference is certainly one of the most touching in Doom Eternal, the literary Easter eggs don't end there.

In addition to references to existing novels, Doom Eternal certainly doesn't shy away from referencing other game series, including fellow Bethesda franchises. The book titled Vault Dweller's Survival Guide is an overt reference to the Fallout series' underground vaults. Moreover, players can spot an author on the shelf named Dork Nukem. This is a clear reference to the Duke Nukem series, which puts players in the boots of a narcissistic monster-killing machine. The Half-Life series also gets a shoutout in the form of a book called Mesa Science Monthly: Predicting Unseen Consequences.