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Resident Evil Re:Verse - What We Know So Far

Tucked in towards the end of a showcase for Resident Evil: Village was a surprise announcement of a new multiplayer game called Resident Evil Re:Verse. This standalone product will be available for free to anyone who purchases Resident Evil: Village, and is taking registrations for a closed beta until January 25.


Capcom is developing Resident Evil Re:Verse as part of their celebration of the Resident Evil franchise's 25th anniversary, which occurs on March 22, 2021. In the Resident Evil: Village showcase where Re:Verse was revealed, producer Tsuyoshi Kanda mentions that a piece of key art that Capcom shared to promote their upcoming 25th anniversary celebrations was actually a teaser for Re:Verse

While more details will become clear once the beta launches next week, there are a few specifics about Re:Verse that Capcom has already made available. Here's everything we know about Resident Evil Re:Verse's release date, trailer, and gameplay so far.

Does Resident Evil Re:Verse have a release date?

While Capcom did not specify a release date for Resident Evil Re:Verse, one of the crucial details of the Resident Evil: Village showcase was that title's launch day, May 7, 2021. Considering Resident Evil Re:Verse will be a free extra for anyone who purchases Resident Evil: Village, gamers can safely assume that Re:Verse will also be available at that point.


However, the closed beta for Re:Verse begins on January 28, meaning that anyone who acts fast and applies could get their hands on an early copy. Also, it's worth noting that Re:Verse and Resident Evil: Village are distinct products – Re:Verse is a last-gen title developed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as noted on the official website. By contrast, Resident Evil: Village is a current-gen title, whose last generation version Capcom just announced.

It's too early to tell if these platform differences could mean an earlier release date — perhaps one that coincides with the March 22 Resident Evil 25th anniversary – but it's worth keeping in mind.

Does Resident Evil Re:Verse have a trailer?

Included in the Resident Evil: Village showcase was a brief teaser for Resident Evil Re:Verse. Although the trailer lasts less than a minute, it gives some glimpses into what fans can expect to see from this new multiplayer-only experience.


Right off the bat, the teaser showcases the game's cel-shaded, intentionally grainy visuals, which are in sharp contrast with Resident Evil: Village's crisp, photorealistic graphics. This relaxed style indicates a far more casual experience than the usual deathly serious Resident Evil story. A more playful tone seems to on display throughout the trailer, which shows characters facing off with rocket launchers and setting one another on fire.

The trailer also gives away at least one of the games settings: the Racoon City Police Department. Fans should keep their eyes open for more familiar places in any further releases from Capcom about Resident Evil Re:Verse.

What sort of gameplay will be featured in Resident Evil Re:Verse?

According to Resident Evil Re:Verse's official webpage, gameplay will revolve around four- to six-player deathmatch battles. As seen in the trailer, characters come from across the entire spectrum of Resident Evil's 25-year history. Players will search for weapons and items within the match and face off to amass the most points in five-minute deathmatches.


The brief teaser shows that gamers will experience Resident Evil Re:Verse from a third-person perspective, unlike Resident Evil: Village. Also seen in the trailer is perhaps the game's most unique twist: a physical transformation upon death into a bioweapon. This transformation is fueled by finding virus capsules in-game, and can be used to exact revenge on other players for increased points.

Also visible in the trailer are appearances from the Hunter Gamma, an enemy from Resident Evil 3, and Molded, which appeared in Resident Evil 7. However, it is unclear if these characters are controlled by other players or an example of a PvE element of the game.