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Corpse Husband Tease Gets The Rumor Mill Turning

Popular YouTube streamer Corpse Husband got some tongues wagging when he revealed during a recent game of Among Us that he's considered streaming on Twitch. It's the latest detail fans have gotten about the purposefully mysterious Corpse Husband's life, and it's putting the streamer on the map all over again, after he skyrocketed in popularity in 2020


In a segment captured by OTV & Friends Clips, Corpse Husband explains that he actually has a Twitch channel. It has no content on it, but has still attracted a large number of followers. In the clip, he said just a few sentences about his Twitch plans, and it appears that he was pretty much just thinking out loud: "Someday, I will stream on Twitch," he said. "I checked it recently, and I had like 600,000 followers for some reason. I might go there to ... I wanna have like a chilled ... no, I could probably do that now."

This tease feels ambiguous, much like his entire playful online presence, but seems to indicate his intention to perhaps switch platforms, at least temporarily. His later words appear to tone his intention down, so whether or not fans will actually see him stream on Twitch anytime soon is still up in the air. In any case, Corpse Husband is known for being erratic in his scheduling and doesn't get online as frequently as other popular streamers.


Fans seem split about whether moving to Twitch is a good idea for Corpse Husband — some think YouTube Gaming is the superior platform, and others definitely seem to want to watch him there. Corpse Husband himself explained in November that people ask him about making a Twitch all the time, and his Twitch account was created as a kind of "burner" account to test streams.

Fans have long known that Corpse Husband would like to keep his identity secret. On his social media accounts, he has posted pictures of his hands and his body (and even a strand of hair), but never his face. This may be, in part, because he has been open about suffering a chronic illness that may lead to his retirement from streaming. He has said in the past that light sensitivity, for example, causes issues for his eyes that affects their appearance and causes him pain. 

If Corpse Husband is planning on retiring from the streaming business sometime soon, that means that, if he'd truly like to try an official Twitch stream at some point — whether as a one-off event or a regular thing — he doesn't have much time to waste.