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Jak And Daxter Deserves A Reboot. Here's Why.

The world is ready for a well-deserved Jak and Daxter reboot, as it has been for quite some time. As excited as gamers are for the release of the PS5, many are devastated that the console is only backwards-compatible with PS4 games. Even though Jak and Daxter fans can still enjoy the PS4 version of the games on the new console, with all the newness in the gaming world, it feels like the time is ripe for a reboot.


Why? First off, the classic game has proven its popularity within the past few years. Fans were thrilled when Naughty Dog celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2019 with a re-release of Jak and Daxter for PS4 in collaboration with Limited Run Games. And, knowing proceeds went to support a variety of charities made snagging this classic game a feel-good, meaningful purchase. The downside? All copies sold out in less than a week, so a lot of fans were left empty-handed at that time. Only Collector's Edition hopefuls who snagged their special copies within the first few hours won the ultimate victory. Clearly, demand for this game is still sky-high!

Time for a welcome surprise

Jak and Daxter fans are no strangers to bad news about their favorite game, and they deserve some good news for a change. Before the 2019 re-release, on multiple past occasions in 2012 and 2016, Naughty Dog team members dispelled fan hopes of a new Jak and Daxter game, even speaking on their failed attempts. While it's reassuring to know how much the developers care about getting it right, it's hard knowing how close fans got to a new game before having their hopes dashed.


Given the success of the Limited Run Games team-up, perhaps the Jak and Daxter developers have changed their minds since then. Even back in the 2012 interview where the attempt at a new game was discussed, co-founder Evan Wells told Game Informer "Never say never" when it comes to the possibility of a future Jak and Daxter title. 

Despite the obvious benefits of rebooting Jak and Daxter, from pleasing fans to raking in profits, it makes sense why Naughty Dog hasn't chosen to do so. They've had their hands full with the recent (and controversial) release of The Last of Us 2 and the successful Uncharted games.

Hope on the horizon

Though there is no clear road to a reboot of Jak and Daxter at the moment, fans are desperate for more magical platforming adventures. However, a new glimmer of hope came to light recently. On Jan. 14, Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann tweeted about dozens of open positions at the company. The possibility of a new Naughty Dog game seems sky-high, so could it finally be the Jak and Daxter reboot?


Fans are still holding their breath. After the disappointing title Jak X: Combat Racing, it's easy to wonder if a new game would be as satisfying as the classics. Fans deserve another chance to experience the best parts of the game, from exploring vibrant, scenic lands to countless platforming adventures full of energy and excitement.

Given the success of retro platformers in recent years, from the award-winning Celeste to classic favorite Crash Bandicoot and more, it seems like the time for a Jak and Daxter reboot. Is this finally the year fans get some news about a potential new Jak and Daxter? Gamers are sure to be on the edge of their seats waiting to find out!