Xbox Is Finally Making This Mediocre Feature A Priority

For some time, consoles have offered gamers built-in functions to capture still and moving images and share memorable gameplay moments via social networks. Given this, you might expect that the next generation of gaming systems would have mastered this social component. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case for Xbox fans. The good news is that Microsoft has listened, and Xbox gamers will have their wishes granted.


Referring to the Share button on the Xbox Series X|S controller, one Twitter user highlighted several issues with the experience, tweeting "HDR capture, clip length, uploading of clips ... it's dreadful." Another user tweeted directly at Jason Ronald, the Xbox program management director, adding that "CPU strains under the capture, and half the time the Share to Twitter fails to upload." Ronald responded, stating that fixes for the Share button were a "priority" for his team.

Though Ronald did not offer further details or a timeline, users on the Twitter thread were generally happy to hear the news. The question is, will this fix be enough to help the new Xbox keep up? The Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 have been locked in a fierce competition for consumers' wallets. With the PS5 identified as the clear next-gen winner, Microsoft has its work cut out for it. 


Whether it's overlays, a 4K HDR dashboard, or an update to the achievement system, there's no shortage of improvement suggestions from fans. Aside from smaller quality-of-life issues, the Series X|S has had a few other problems since its record-breaking launch. Controller connectivity was a major roadblock for Xbox owners, and Microsoft only broke its silence on the matter two months after the system launched. Many users also found the Series X|S DVD and Blu-Ray setup unacceptable.

While it's reassuring to know that Microsoft has plans to address the mediocre Share feature, it's clear next-gen Xbox still has lots of room for improvement. In the meantime, Xbox fans will have to keep an eye out to see what other fixes and enhancements are in the works.