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PS5 Has Even More Colors To Choose From

PS5 owners looking to customize their console's appearance now have two additional ways to do so, courtesy of some products now on sale through PS5 customization business CMP Shells. The latest update to CMP's online store includes red and blue plates that join an existing matte black option.


All three colors are sold in two different packages. One only includes plates for the sides of the PS5 console itself, while another adds in a strip of the same color to place over the side of the system as well as a controller skin. Also for sale are standalone black and white versions of the strip that covers the USB port side.

The road to selling the products it currently has for sale was anything but straightforward for CMP Shells. The company's roots can be traced back to late 2020, at which point it was founded as PlateStation 5. After running into legal trouble with Sony, PlateStation 5 changed its name to Customize My Plates. That didn't end the company's legal issues, however. It eventually had to cancel all sales made up until that point.


The company then resurfaced as CMP Shells in January 2021. CMP's offerings included a matte black shell (which remains on sale) as well as a God of War-themed skin. Upon its return, the company announced it had filed a patent for its updated shell design, which featured improved ventilation. CMP also promised that all sales before and after the patent's approval would be locked in, regardless of any future developments.

That said, CMP Shells ultimately delisted its God of War-themed shell for reasons that have yet to be detailed. The company's Instagram account, which includes posts showing off its black and red skins, includes no reference to that God of War-inspired product.

CMD Shells is not the only player in the PS5 customization business. Its competition includes SUP3R5, whose proprietary product modifies the PS5 such that it becomes similar in appearance to the PS2. Instead of selling shells that can be snapped onto existing consoles, however, SUP3R5 sells fully modified consoles at prices inflated to account for their additions.

The PS5 can do a lot, thanks to a number of features new to Sony's latest machine. Among the things PS5 owners cannot do, however, is own a console in a color other than white through official channels. Thus, businesses like CMP Shells and SUP3R5 have emerged to change that. Whether Sony is okay with them doing so or not may ultimately determine the future of such businesses moving forward.