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PS5 Custom Plates Are Back For The Long Haul

CMP Shells is officially back in business. The UK-based maker of custom PlayStation 5 plates announced on Twitter that its customized PS5 shells are once again for sale. The shells had previously gone on sale in October 2020 before a copyright dispute with Sony forced CMP to change its name, cancel purchases, and refund customers.

According to CMP's website, three shell packages are currently available. The base matte black shell retails for $49.99. For $69.99 customers can get a matching controller in vinyl. The shell and controller are also available for $69.99 in a "Kratos Bundle" inspired by God of War: Ragnarok. Additionally, the shell design has been updated to improve ventilation. Customers who purchase a shell now can expect it to arrive by the end of February.

Best of all, CMP promised that this time, the orders actually will be fulfilled. According to the company, the patent for its updated design is pending, but "all sales finalized before it's approved are untouchable." The same will supposedly be true after the patent is approved. However, Sony has yet to confirm that this is the case.

Things got off to a good start for CMP Shells. It launched in October 2020 after the PS5 teardown video inspired the company to offer skins with customizable designs beyond the default white. Initial demand was high and hundreds of customers placed orders. But then Sony got involved. Per IGN, CMP was originally called PlateStation5.com until Sony forced it to change the branding to avoid confusion. That wasn't enough. The PS5's removable plates are a proprietary design, and CMP's shells were too similar. CMP then had to cancel all sales and claimed to offer more than $20,000 in refunds. But it's back with a new design and a promise that it'll be in business "for the long haul."

CMP resuming business could be good news for PS5 fans. In the runup to the console's Nov. 12 launch, some fans were disappointed that the PS5 is only available in white panels. On the other hand, unlike previous PlayStation consoles, the PS5's shell easily snaps on and off, making customization much easier. Companies like CMP have been trying to fill that void. Another one called SUP3R5 planned to sell black PS5 shells, but shut down after the team allegedly received threats to their safety.

Demand for customizable PS5s is clearly high, but Sony is making it difficult for companies to meet it. Hopefully CMP and companies like it have all their legal ducks in a row. If not, you can always customize your PS5 yourself. Who's up for some arts and crafts?