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How To Unlock The Seize Ability In Control: Ultimate Edition

Control: Ultimate Edition's road to next-gen consoles has been a long and bumpy one. But on February 2, 2021, Control: Ultimate Edition finally arrived on Xbox Series X|S and on PS5, where it was made available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Control was already a Game of the Year nominee after it launched in 2019. Now, critics are saying that the next-gen version finally does justice to the game's vision.


The launch of the Ultimate Edition is a good time to review Control's gameplay mechanics. In the game, the player controls Jesse Faden, a "parautilitarian" with the power to control and move physical objects. There are several parautilitarian powers available in the game, and the player unlocks them by discovering Objects of Power. With these abilities, Jesse is able to challenge the paranormal force known as "the Hiss."

Jesse's Seize ability allows her to possess enemies with low health and make them attack their allies, and it's well worth unlocking.

How to unlock the Seize ability in Control: Ultimate Edition

Seize is the reward for completing the "A Captive Audience" side quest, which is unlocked once you have access to the Research Sector of the Oldest House. Look for the big brain sculpture in the Parapsychology Department, then find a white board. Nearby is a document that activates the quest.


Head to the Hypnosis Lab, where you'll fight your way past a group of Hiss soldiers to find a room with a puzzle that requires the correct symbol to be entered into a computer console. The symbol can be found on a piece of paper taped to the window outside. Entering it will unlock to a door to a soundproof room with an X-Ray Lightbox. Interact with it to access the Astral Plane.

Inside, you'll need to defeat a Gold Copy NPC, but only with another NPC under the influence of your Seize ability. Find an NPC and lower their health until the game gives the "Seize" prompt, hold it down, and meet your new ally. The tough Gold Copy NPC will probably kill several of your new allies, so repeat as necessary until it's down.