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How To Find Kit's Cantina In Fortnite

The current season of Fortnite has come full circle. What started with a bounty hunter-themed season starring the Mandalorian eventually mutated into a pop culture free-for-all with skins based on the Terminator, Kratos, and most recently, Snake Eyes. But now Epic Games is revisiting the theme and face — er, helmet — that started it all. Welcome to the Mando's Bounty mode.


This special mode is a bullet and bounty bonanza. Players are thrown into a race to the top against fellow players, an AI-controlled Mandalorian, and luck. If you want to catch your breath from the action, the mode's announcement recommends a trip to every bounty hunter's favorite watering hole, Kit's Cantina. You should be safe there, assuming everyone follows the rules of the house (and when have bounty hunters ever disobeyed the rules?). Only thing is, you have to find it first.

If you are having trouble locating Kit's Cantina, you can either keep searching or keep reading.

Drop in the southwest part of the desert

The official announcement page for Mando's Bounty  provides the first hint necessary to finding Kit's Cantina. The building is "located in the desert," which makes sense since it is seemingly based on the legendary Mos Eisley Cantina, housed on the desert planet of Tatooine. But that means it's surrounded by sand with little cover. Nobody wants to be out in the open during a battle royale, so how will you find Kit's Cantina without exposing yourself to danger? By using context clues.


The announcement trailer shows the cantina is halfway between the purple crystals in the center of the island and the edge of the desert, specifically an edge that delineates the desert from a heavily wooded area. With this in mind, you can easily find the cantina northeast of Weeping Woods and northwest of Hunter's Haven.

If you make it to Kit's Cantina first, you will be rewarded with five chests inside — and there are two more just outside the building. If you're feeling particularly heretical and don't mind defacing a piece of Star Wars history, you can even demolish the cantina for some quick building materials. Then again, one chest is hidden behind a wall, so you kind of have to swing your pickaxe if you want all the items the cantina holds.