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The Lord Of The Rings Easter Egg You Probably Missed In Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is the culmination of the World of Assassination Trilogy that began in 2016, as well as the eighth full game starring Agent 47. With Hitman 3, developer and publisher IO Interactive has nearly perfected a gameplay experience that can be boiled down to a few core elements: sandbox-style levels that encourage exploration and replays; a pulpy airport thriller-style plot; and a deadpan sense of humor with lots and lots of sight gags.


Beating Hitman 3's base game will only take eight to 10 hours total. But with all the additional challenges, speedrunning, and goofy body stacking projects, the game still offers plenty to do. There are even secrets to be found. Like many games in the Hitman franchise, Hitman 3 is full of Easter eggs, which can reference anything from pop culture to other IO games, and even past Easter eggs in Hitman games. Hitman 3's Mendoza mission contains a reference to The Fellowship of the Ring that proves the folks at IO are LOTR nerds just like the rest of us.

Agent 47, Meet Bilbo Baggins

This Easter egg is easy to locate, but also easy to miss. From the Mendoza mission starting point, head around to the back of target Don Archibald's mansion, where his retirement party is underway. Look for the patio with umbrella tables where Archibald's guests mingle. At the back of the patio is a private staircase with two guards at the top. Next to them is a sign that reads "No Guests Except on Party Business."


Hitman games are full of "no admittance" signs, but this one is a word-for-word recreation of the sign Bilbo Baggins placed outside Bag End for his Farewell Birthday Party, at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring. In the book, Bilbo makes a memorable exit by slipping on the One Ring while making a toast, vanishing in front of his shocked guests' eyes. At the end of the "Mendoza" mission, target Don Archibald also disappears from his own party, but for a very different reason.