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The Most Toxic Destiny 2 Boss Ever

Sometimes, bosses just stomp all over players' dreams of beating a certain level or accomplishing a goal. Most of the time it's not literal.

Rickaerian, a YouTube creator and Twitter user, posted a video of an alarming boss battle he recently experienced in Destiny 2. He shared a short video with the words "Was playing the new Destiny 2 season and I cannot BELIEVE I just got straight up disrespected by the first boss LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO." While the video initially appeared to be a normal boss encounter within Destiny 2, it quickly became more toxic, harkening back to the early days of online gaming culture.


Rickaerian was taking part in Destiny 2's new Battlegrounds activity, facing off against a foe named Commander Dracus. As Rickaerian jumped over an obstacle, he ran into Dracus, who immediately shot his Guardian down. Afterward, Commander Dracus began quickly gyrating over the player's Ghost, mimicking the act many gamers know as "teabagging." Towards the end of the video, Commander Dracus let out a mighty stomp to add insult to injury.

Other Twitter users chimed in to share Rickaerian's shock. One commenter said, "I can appreciate the slight dance move/crossover to start the teabagging," complimenting the Commander's sick dance moves. Some just agreed, "that was disrespect on another level." Another said gamers need to leave the meme in 2006. Regardless of how humorous Rickaerian's situation was, Commander Dracus just came off as plain rude.


Destiny 2 has been in a bit of hot water over the past couple of years. In 2020, fans felt disappointed with Beyond Light, and claimed that it shortchanged players on loot, despite its hefty pricetag. Earlier this year, fans called out Bungie for a gaping continuity error in the "Ascendant Hunter" quest. Still, the franchise has given fans things to look forward to, like the upcoming re-inclusion of Umbral Engrams, which can be modified to increase the odds of favorable loot. The current season even brought back a way to earn loot from previous seasonal events via the "Recaster" that first appeared in Season of Arrivals.

Regardless of fans' feelings on Destiny 2 in general, the game does offer some moments for fun, even if that means getting stomped on carelessly by Commander Dracus. Despite his run-in with the Commander, Rickaerian reported that he's enjoying Destiny 2, even though it doesn't "feel right" for him to take such joy in the game. No word yet on whether Commander Dracus has lovingly stomped and squatted on other players.