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Valkyrae Is That Much Closer To Streaming With Ariana Grande

Valkyrae wears her love for Ariana Grande proudly, and has even posted a photo celebrating the time she got to meet the famous pop singer. Some fans are wondering when the two stars will come together for a game of Among Us.


For her part, Valkyrae wants to make the collaboration happen. In October, 2020, Vakyrae tweeted her desires out into the universe, asking, "hi do you want to play among us [sic] sometime?" Vakyrae tagged Grande in the message and several other big name streamers chimed in to vouch for her, including Corpse Husband and Tommyinnit. Fans voiced their approval, too, with some simply writing "PLEASE," in all caps.

Now, Valkyrae's dream might become a reality. Maybe. In a Feb 10. stream, Valkyrae answered a question from a fan in chat, who wanted to know if Ariana Grande might appear on stream sometime soon. 

"She is outta my league," Valkyrae said. She added, "But she knows that we wanna play Among Us ... 100 Thieves got Scooter to talk to her about it. It's just either probably gonna take a million years, or it's not gonna happen." Scooter is, of course, the connection between Valkyrae and Grande. Scooter Braun, the owner of 100 Thieves, Valkyrae's streaming crew, is also Grande's manager. Valkyrae explained that Scooter told Grande the 100 Thieves crew wanted to game with Grande, but they've received no word on when that will happen, or if.


Valkyrae continued discussing Grande on stream, observing, "It's kind of cool knowing that there is a slim chance that she could, and might, but it's a very slim chance." Though Valkyrae clearly doesn't know if she'll ever truly get to stream Among Us with Grande, the possibility that it could happen is exciting for fans and streamers alike. The collab isn't entirely out of the question, either. Celebrities like Lil Nas X have participated in streams before, both to celebrate special events and surprise fans. Even politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have used streaming platforms to reach wider audiences.

While fans can only hope that Grande agrees to stream with Valkyrae in the future, Valkyrae is doing just fine on her own in the meantime. She has more subscribers than most other women streamers, and her viewership increased sharply in 2020, making Valkyrae one of the biggest, most high-profile streamers on the internet. Valkyrae makes over $170,000 each month in streaming revenue, so she doesn't necessarily need to stream with Grande for the clout. Still, who wouldn't want to play Among Us with one of their favorite music artists?