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Luigi's Mansion 3 Ending Explained

Luigi's Mansion 3 came out on Halloween 2019, allowing gamers to return once more as Mushroom Kingdom's most intrepid ghostbuster. His faithful Polterpup joined him yet again, along with a new sidekick in the form of a slimy green Luigi clone known as "Gooigi." While Luigi's Mansion 3 may not necessarily be scary, it's loads of fun, featuring an awesome story mode, great co-op gameplay, and even a Disco Luigi for those who want to add a little style to their avatar when playing with friends.


It doesn't take too long to beat Luigi's Mansion 3, however, with its beautiful graphics, varied environments, and numerous secrets, there's a good chance you'll take your time to make it through to the end. When the time finally comes, you'll no doubt face off against King Boo once again to save Mario, Peach, and all the Toads in your party.

What happens after Luigi saves the day? Will there be more Mansions for Luigi to explore? Who is Hellen Gravely and why is she obsessed with King Boo? This is everything you should know about the ending of Luigi's Mansion 3.

Alternate fates

Luigi's Mansion 3 offers a few possible outcomes for the poor plumber. Things can be over real quick if you're unable to outrun King Boo — or if you're just really curious to see what Luigi would look like behind a fancy frame.


Early on, before he is even equipped with his new Poltergust G-00 ghost-catching device, Luigi has a run-in with King Boo. A chase begins in a narrow, cluttered hallway, and if the sinister ghost king catches up with you, you're forever trapped in one of his paintings. If you want to have your shortest experience with a Luigi's Mansion game, this is how you do it.

Of course, you can also make it to the final showdown against King Boo and either beat him or lose Luigi in the process. If you run out of health or fail to stop him in time, King Boo will again have a new painting to add to his collection. If you do beat him, you get your true ending.

These alternate endings aren't outrageously fancy, since there isn't much decision-making involved. However, it's better than a simple game-over screen. At least this way you know Luigi's fate if King Boo were to succeed with his master plan.


You can beat the game without a penny to your name

In the Luigi's Mansion franchise, gamers are encouraged to collect as much wealth as possible. After beating the game, you are graded on your performance, and the amount of cash you rake in will determine the ultimate size of the mansion. So what if you decided to let go of your materialistic desires and play the game without collecting a single penny?


YouTuber DPadGamer was determined to find out the results of bringing $0 to the game's end. Unlike the real world, it's difficult to make it through the mansion without some money falling into your pocket. DPadGamer explained how saves work in Luigi's Mansion 3 and how essential these checkpoints were for backtracking whenever he accidentally picked up loose cash.

Throughout his run, DPadGamer encountered several instances where he was forced into cash-collecting scenarios, such as one where he had to extract coins from a portrait

After defeating King Boo, there was some concern that the gem obtained from the final conflict would score Luigi some dough. However, in the following scene, the gem conveniently vanished, leaving Luigi's bank account bone dry. After all his hard work, DPadGamer still scored a C, proving that you really can't earn a failing grade from Luigi's Mansion 3.


Who is Hellen Gravely and what is her relationship with King Boo?

Early in the game, Luigi meets a ghost named Hellen Gravely. Making a grand entrance from the elevator, Hellen welcomes Luigi to her hotel and reveals how eager she is to have him as a guest. But why would this ghostly hotel owner be so anxious to bring such a renowned ghost hunter to her establishment? It's simple. She invited Luigi to present him as an offering to King Boo.


What exactly is her motivation? What is her true relationship with King Boo? Before revealing the ghost king to Luigi, Hellen calls him "someone [she] truly adore[s]" and that "he's the inspiration for some of [her] greatest ideas." After that, she proclaims that she's a big fan of King Boo, which might lead you to suspect that she simply idolizes him and wants to follow in his (proverbial) footsteps. But is there more to it? 

While their interactions do seem to be somewhat professional, she appears to actually swoon in his presence. This can even be seen during the ending credits after they've both been captured. It may be more than professional; she may have a little crush.

What's next in the Luigi's Mansion series?

Believe it or not, Luigi's Mansion already has a 4th game most people haven't played. It's a rail-shooter arcade game that offers players a stripped-down version of the Luigi's Mansion experience. The game came out in 2017, so technically Luigi's Mansion 3 is the fourth installment in the series. But what comes next?


Following Nintendo's purchase of Next Level Games — the studio behind Luigi's Mansion 3Eurogamer news editor Tom Phillips hypothesized that this meant gamers could soon expect a new Luigi's Mansion. In all likelihood there will be an official Luigi's Mansion 4, but there are currently no announcements. In the meantime, all fans can do is speculate over what a new installment would look like. 

Over on Hypable, Mitchel Clow shared a few things he wanted to see in the next game, including more lore, more friendly ghosts, a somewhat darker plot, and an even more powerful Poltergust.

If history serves as any sort of guide, one can assume King Boo will return, and Mario will be the plumber-in-distress once again. Other familiar faces, like E. Gadd and Polterpup, are sure to have prominent roles in Luigi's Mansion 4 as well.