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The Destiny 2 Mode That Has Players Losing On Purpose

Destiny 2 hasn't always had the best track record with gamers. Earlier this year, fans were in an uproar at a lack of plot continuity in Destiny 2, and now there's a new issue with Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Entire teams have begun K.O.-ing themselves in order to intentionally lose PvP matches in the Trials of Osiris. They're doing it for good reason, though. The legendary pulse rifle called the Messenger has returned to Destiny 2, and it can be obtained through losses just as easily as wins.

Destiny 2 players have reported that teams have begun purposefully losing so that they may reap rewards afforded to teams who lose 10 times during the trials. Demonjoefrance on YouTube explained the tactic, explaining that winning and losing fills up the completion bar for the week's bounty in Trials of Osiris. Winning fills the bar quicker, but losing counts all the same. On Feb. 12, when Demonjoefrance posted his video, players could obtain the Messenger after 3 wins or 10 losses. Alternatively, they could get multiples of the powerful weapon by winning and losing on the same account. Demonjoefrance also explained that Trials of Osiris is rife with cheaters, which can make the game unenjoyable.

This Week in Video Games on YouTube also showed viewers how to get the Messenger a few weeks ago when it reappeared in the game, but pointed out that the weekly rewards change, well, weekly. Some weeks will allow players to gain powerful weapons like the Messenger, and some weeks feature less useful loot.

Some fans have found it relatively easy to understand why other players might be taking the easy way out. One player posted their frustration on Reddit, writing, "Trials is toxic and awful to play. People know this. New loot isn't going to change that. I played 2 teams that just jumped off the edge to get the bounty done. And I just kept thinking about how fun D1 trials was compared to this." 

In other words, Trials of Osiris might feel annoying to some, especially considering the presence of cheaters. However, other gamers intend to truly do their best in each match — which is hard to do when multiple players jump off edge of the map before the action even begins.

Notably, fans begged for Trials of Osiris, a mode made popular in Destiny, to return in Destiny 2, and Bungie finally delivered in 2020. Though things haven't always fared well for the competitive event, it remains a talked about mode of play.