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Outriders: World Tier And Rewards Explained

Outriders, the new shooter from People Can Fly and Square Enix, will arrive April 1 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Until then, players can enjoy a demo of the game, which is available now. Even though fans know a little bit about what the world of the game looks like, as well as what character classes will be available, there's still one other variable that some gamers may not have explored: World Tiers


World Tiers refer to the difficulty level of each area of the game. Each area begins at level 0, but players can gradually increase the difficulty for more of a challenge, unlocking new Tiers as they progress. Players can also choose to allow the game to adjust the World Tier for them, changing the difficulty according to how they perform in the game and scaling to the player's ability.  With that setting, however, Outriders might automatically choose to increase the difficulty to a level that presents too much of a challenge. In that case, players can opt to manually adjust the World Tier settings.

Why should you change the World Tier difficulty?

Playing at a higher World Tier level grants players different rewards for their trouble. Attentive fans have already created an extensive list of rewards that drop at each World Tier. Players will earn special Accolades, or achievements, for unlocking each World Tier. Accolades allow players to make some cosmetic changes to the game, like assigning different Emotes, but unlocking new World Tiers also gives players loot, including wearable items and weapons. Playing at higher World Tiers also greatly improves the chances for better loot drops.


The option to alter the World Tier and control the difficulty of enemies provides players with a new level of customization. Depending on what sort of session players want to have on any given day, they can opt to hunt for loot at a higher World Tier, or simply enjoy the story at a lower World Tier.