You Don't Want To Know How Fall Guys Eat

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been one of the most wildly popular new games in recent history, reaching some impressive sales milestones within its first year of release and becoming the subject of a hilarious ESPN documentary starring TimTheTatman. Following the recent news that Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has been purchased by Epic Games, one might expect the developer to resist the urge to rock the boat. Instead, Mediatonic has just shared a bit of lore regarding the game's adorable jellybean characters that may change how you look at them forever. 


It appears that the titular Fall Guys get their sustenance... through their feet.

Fan account @FallGuysFact shared a screenshot from the Fall Guys Discord server, in which a member of the Mediatonic team added an odd touch to what fans know of jellybean physiology. In the screenshot, Fall Guys Community Director Oliver Hindle could be seen responding to a fan who asked how Fall Guys are able to eat. Hindle responded, "They absorb things through their feet," with the revelation being followed by a request for fan art.

@FallGuysFact seemed to be completely on board for this detail, adding their own theories regarding Fall Guys' voracious feet. They surmised that Fall Guys might also speak through their feet, which would explain the kinds of sounds they make when they jump about. Some fans weren't too keen on this theory, with a commenter saying that Fall Guys was now beginning to feel a bit more like a horror game. 


This screenshot was then retweeted by the official Fall Guys Twitter account, which added, "I was hoping this lore would catch on ... but it never did." In other words, as long as the fans accept this addition to the Fall Guys canon, it might as well be true.

After all, Mediatonic has dropped similar bombshells on the Fall Guys fandom in the past, and they've more or less been accepted by players as the gospel truth. Last fall, Mediatonic revealed the terrifying anatomy of the Fall Guys: not only are they six feet tall, but their eyeballs are attached to horrific stalks the hang down inside their squishy bodies. That was almost as upsetting as the time the devs told fans that Fall Guys don't ever actually fall to their deaths, but are instead caught in an endless cycle of reincarnation. 

Between these details and their chosen method of eating, the Fall Guys have truly become as disturbing as they are adorable.