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Fall Guys Reveals Their Terrifying Anatomy

Mediatonic's Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to gain popularity, having just recently gotten its first-ever pro team. As the battle royale party game is ramping up to launch its second season, fans are beginning to learn more about the world of the titular Fall Guys. However, a recent post from the official Fall Guys Twitter account may have revealed a little bit too much about everyone's favorite jelly bean characters.


At this point, it has been pretty well established that the Fall Guys Twitter account is absolutely savage. This fact became particularly obvious when it constantly roasted Twitch streamer TimTheTatman for being bad at the game, but it continues to be a fun account worth following. The account is also generally fantastic when it comes to interaction with players, whether that means giving them a heads up about exciting new features or giving customers an explanation regarding cheaters within Fall Guys. However, there are other times when the Fall Guys Twitter account seems to greatly enjoy trolling the game's fans.

That seemed to be the goal behind a recent post from the Fall Guys Twitter account. This time around, Mediatonic decided to share some official concept art for the game that will change the way you look at the Fall Guys jelly beans forever.


The image shows a transparent image of a Fall Guy that lays out what the little guy's skeletal structure looks like on the inside. No, seriously.  

The Fall Guy skeleton gets worse the longer you stare at it. According to the illustration, the jelly beans have elongated spines and talon-like fingers behind their cute, doughy exterior. Their torsos seem to have abs, while their skulls have defined lips and a wry smile (despite the fact that Fall Guys don't have visible mouths on their exteriors). 

It's a creepy image, but the absolute worst part is probably the depiction of the Fall Guys' eyes. Rather than being set in the skull, it appears that Fall Guys have optic nerves hanging down inside of their bodies, eerily fastened to the eye sockets on their faces. It defies all logic, it's super disturbing, and it is absolutely, hilariously considered canon by Mediatonic.


The image also includes the silhouette of a human being, which the Fall Guys Twitter account claims is "shown for scale." This gives players a better idea of just how big the Fall Guys actually are in the world of the game. While the jelly beans appear to be adorable, squat little creatures when playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, they're actually big enough that it would be haunting to run into one in real life. According to this post, the Fall Guys are approximately six feet tall. Imagine one of these things waddling down the street and just try to get some sleep tonight.

Believe it or not, this fact has been mentioned by the Fall Guys Twitter account before. At the time, this was followed up by another post in which Mediatonic jokingly took it back, reducing the size of the jelly beans to fit in the palm of your hand. However, it now appears that Mediatonic is doubling down on this insane piece of lore. 

The bottom of the diagram depicting the skeletal jelly bean seems to indicate that this image wasn't originally intended for release. It reads, "Confidential: For Internal Use Only." However, that label was most likely included to add to the horrific comedic value of the full image. Adding to this is the fact that the tweet states, "This is official lore now ... We can't take it back."


And since Mediatonic can't take it back, it's been interesting to see the humorous responses to this image on Twitter. Esports pro TSM Myth tweeted, "I like this game less now." To that, the Fall Guys account responded, "give the fall guy a hug."

On the other hand, some fans seemed to happily embrace the spooky skeleton. One Fall Guys fan account tweeted, "No, I didn't ask for this... But I'll take it."

This isn't the first time that fans have gotten a trippy tidbit of new information surrounding the world of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Earlier this month, the game's lead designer revealed what happens when Fall Guys die within the game. According to Mediatonic's Joe Walsh, Fall Guys who fall off the map experience "a moment of displacement, serenity, zen-like detachment from all worldly and physical bonds... Then they pop back onto the podium to celebrate their achievements!" 

Walsh also explained that Fall Guys continue to Respawn after every "death," which means that they continue to learn from their experiences along with the players. So, to recap, these dudes are six feet tall, have nightmare skeletons, and cannot be killed. Thanks, Mediatonic.