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Dr Disrespect Slams Fan Over Pocket Change Donation

Dr Disrespect has built an empire with his wit and abrasive attitude. If you're a fan of the streamer, being roasted by the man himself is probably something of a badge of honor. The Doc has roasted viewers in the past for misusing his chat, among other things. During a recent Valorant stream, Doc apparently felt the call to arms once more, delivering a classically Doc response to an extremely small donation.


After one viewer donated less than a dollar to the Two-Time Champion, the streamer's response was swift and brutal. "Thank you for the 99 cents," said Dr Disrespect. He quickly added, "Do me a favor: go buy some cream for your coffee next time. Just save your 99 cents."

You may think that this response from the Doc was due to the game being particularly stressful, or perhaps the fact that he's still being salty about the new season of Call of Duty: Warzone, but you'd be wrong. This is pretty standard practice for the Doc, who has made this kind of acerbic humor his bread and butter. 

For instance, Dr Disrespect has previously clowned on a viewer who sent in a small donation, although that was for a very different reason. The Doc regularly reads the messages that he receives with donations, which can make for some fun back and forth with his audience. However, given how quickly the chat moves, it makes sense that not every message may be seen in time. 


In late 2019, someone called him out for missing the message that accompanied their donation. According to Dexerto, Doc responded, "Because it was a f**king $3 donation," which got a big laugh from some of his fellow streamers. The Doc eventually went back and read the message from that viewer, who may have enjoyed a good bit of ribbing from their favorite streamer.

Dr Disrespect also isn't the only high profile streamer to rag on the types of donations they receive. Earlier this year, xQc went off on the number of "sad" donation messages he gets on a daily basis, explaining that they take all of the energy out of his streams. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Pokimane has introduced a cap to her streaming donations, not wanting viewers to put themselves out of more that $5 at a time. For those of you keeping score at home, that's roughly five coffee creamers, according to Dr Disrespect.