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Dr Disrespect Brutally Roasts Viewer

Dr Disrespect had some choice words for a viewer who was getting on his nerves during a recent stream. Dr Disrespect isn't exactly known for his willingness to put up with fools, so this likely came as little surprise to his longtime fans. However, it's not often that someone trolling a streamer finds themselves so roundly trolled in return. Luckily for us, Twitch user DP316 has saved a few clips of the wild confrontation.


It all began during a stream of the recently released Call of Duty: Warzone. Dr Disrespect found himself defeated and was hanging back until the next round. As he watched his teammates — fellow streamers NickMercs and JoshOG — the Doc began to notice someone being particularly uppity in the chat on his channel.

After realizing that one of the viewers in the chat was not only making fun of him, but also using the chat log to advertise their own Twitch channel, Dr Disrespect decided to let them have it. Rather than removing them from the chat, the Doc took the opportunity to publicly roast the offending viewer. The results were genuinely brutal, but in the hilarious way that many of Dr Disrespect's blowups have the tendency to be.


"Uh, let me get rid of this guy ... 'I am RCA, I said it in the chat haha,'" said Dr Disrespect, mockingly repeating the user's comments.

This was when Dr Disrespect found RCA's Twitch channel, which really kicked off the roast in earnest. "Oh, you got a lot of stuff on it. You've got a lot of stuff. Let's bring it over here," said the Doc, pulling up RCA's channel on his own screen and showing it to his viewers. "Let's check out your YouTube channel RCA, huh? You stupid idiot, let me check out your YouTube channel ... eleven views, four views, five views — Quit. Quit."

Then he turned his attention to RCA's other social media, pulling up the user's Twitter feed. "Let me check out your Twitter," shouted the Doc. After roasting RCA's facial hair, he then scrolled down through his Twitter feed, telling viewers, "No likes."

He then started laughing, breaking character somewhat. As if realizing how ridiuclous the whole thing was, Dr Disrespect then offered a bit of an olive branch to RCA, along with a warning. "RCA, I'll calm down now, man. I don't want to get on you too much, but what I will say is quit, please ... Quit. Get off social media, get off Twitch. Quit. It's not working. I get it, you're trying and that's fine, but stop."


And with that, Dr Disrespect closed the windows showing viewers RCA's Twitch channel and got back to the game in progress. All in all, while it's a pretty wild roast, it does stop just short of getting out of hand, something that the Doc appears to be aware of. It makes sense that he'd take offense to someone coming into his channel to take him to task for his playing and then try to hype up their own channel during his stream. 

This is far from the first time Dr Disrespect has roasted a fellow streamer, and his opponents are usually much more popular than RCA. Last month, he was teasing Ninja for his TikTok videos, saying, "I'm just going to come out and say it since no one else wants to ... Ninja, if I were you, I would save your brand by not making any more TikToks."

Dr Disrespect has had an ongoing feud with streamer Tyler1 for a few years, which shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The two have been trading insults like clockwork, even recently discussing what an actual physical fight would be like. And of course, Dr Disrespect maintains a cocky grin through it all.

Dr Disrespect has always been larger than life, which is probably why there have been discussions about creating an animated series based on his shenanigans. He's also clearly a formidable opponent, which is probably why some clever modders added Dr Disrespect to a few different Resident Evil games last year. If there's one person who could probably shout Mr. X into submission, it'd be the Two Time himself, Dr Disrespect. 


Heck, the Doc recently stared down none other than the Undertaker from WWE and lived to tell the tale, even managing to land a few roasts on the legendary pro wrestler. It makes perfect sense that he'd make short work of a troll in his chat log.