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Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends' Chaos Theory Collection Event

It's almost time for Apex Legends to launch on the Nintendo Switch, but fans who have been waiting for that exciting day have something else to look forward to as well. The release of Apex Legends on the Switch will coincide with the Chaos Theory Collection Event, which will run from March 9 to March 23.


Apex Legends launched Season 8 in February, which introduced Fuse, a new Legend who remodeled King's Canyon by blowing it up. Now that players have had some time to get used to all the changes Season 8 brought, a new event is set to shake things up yet again.

The Chaos Theory Collection Event will give gamers a chance to snag some sweet gear. Of course, no one wants to start the game lagging behind the pack. Nintendo Switch players will gain 30 levels along with the purchase of their Season 8 Battle Pass, in addition to having the opportunity to get double XP for the first two weeks after Apex Legends launches on the system. Additionally, Switch players will receive an exclusive skin for Pathfinder, just for playing anytime before May 4.


Two new Takeovers in Apex Legends' Chaos Theory Collection Event

Town Takeovers give Apex Legends' maps a bit of a refresh, allowing a portion of the map to be flavored in accordance with specific Legends' style. Sometimes these takeovers reveal story elements or lore in Apex Legends, but other times they just provide obstacles to liven up the map. The Chaos Theory Collection Event brings two new takeovers to the game, and both bring their own unique challenges.


First up is Caustic's takeover of the Water Treatment facility. Players brave enough to traverse the bright yellow building can earn rare loot, but there's a danger to exploring the unknown. You see, Caustic needs test subjects for an experiment, and unsuspecting Legends fit the bill just fine. Of course, all the fumes have sent the Mirage Voyage packing, ending the party that had previously taken over the map.

The Ring Fury Escalation Takeover offers a different challenge.  Ring Flares will deploy around the map, dealing damage to any Legend who gets caught in their radius. Such a powerful weapon needs a new type of defense, though, and Apex Legends will give players just that.

New features in Apex Legends' Chaos Theory Collection Event

Heat Shields will allow players to protect themselves from the deadly Ring Flares. For a brief time, players will be able to safely move within the Heat Shield, grabbing any loot they see in the danger zone. Legends can use the Heat Shields to protect themselves from both the Ring Flares and the heat rings that radiate across the map. Additionally, Heat Shields increase the speed of some items, like Revives and healing items.


Thankfully, the Heat Shield won't take up valuable space in Legends' loadout. It has its very own slot, the Survival Slot, which solves the age old problem of what to take while beginning a mission. The Survival Slot is a new feature that will remain permanently in Apex Legends, even after the Chaos Collection Event ends.

Legends wishing to play solo have a new option debuting in the Chaos Theory Collection Event: No-Fill Matchmaking. This new feature allows players to take on teams as a singular Legend, a team of one. Fighting a team by yourself has some advantages. For example, players might want to warm up with a solo jaunt, or simply explore the map and snag loot.

Exclusive cosmetics and the Bangalore Heirloom set in Apex Legends' Chaos Theory Collection Event

A slew of new cosmetics are available to earn during the Chaos Theory Collection Event, but Apex Legends will also offer a chance for players to snag two legendary weapons as well. Challenges will refresh each day, and will include a rewards track to clearly show which rewards are on offer. The event will feature 24 cosmetic skins themed specifically to the event, and players will be able to find the cosmetics in addition to purchasing them directly. No one has to miss out on these snazzy new looks.


Gamers that acquire all 24 event items will unlock the Bangalore Heirloom Set, a yellow and black pilot's knife that packs a punch. Players who don't unlock the knife will have a chance to craft it via Heirloom Crafting after the Chaos Theory Collection Event ends. EA has more information about Heirloom Crafting and events on its FAQ page.

Brush up on Apex Legends' lore, grab your favorite weapon, and get ready for the Chaos Theory Collection Event.