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Monster Hunter Rise's New Wyvern Riding Feature Explained

Monster Hunter Rise launches March 26, 2021, and players who have spent a good bit of time with the game's demo have already discovered some of Rise's awesome new features. In addition to new companions, like the adorable Palamutes, Monster Hunter Rise also allows players to tackle fearsome beasts with a few surprising new techniques and strategies.


One of the most exciting new abilities available for Monster Hunters in this latest adventure is Wyvern Riding. Like the name suggests, this technique involves actually hopping onto the backs of some of the monsters you'll encounter and riding them into battle. Wyvern Riding can be a way to gain a major edge against some of the gnarlier creatures in Monster Hunter Rise's world, including the dreaded Magnamalo

Wyvern Riding is also surprisingly complex, and there are a few different ways to pull it off. With that in mind, it's time to learn how Wyvern Riding works.

How to initiate Wyvern Riding

The first step to Wyvern Riding is to whittle down the strength of the specific monster you want to wrangle. In an official instructional video from Capcom, the narrator explains that players have a few different ways of accomplishing this. The most straightforward method is through regular attacks, which can weaken some monsters enough that you can essentially lasso them with Ironbind Silk and jump on them. You'll know you can mount the Wyvern when an indicator appears next to it with a button prompt. 


If you don't feel like getting up close and personal to wear down your target, you can also let monsters tire each other out in battle, stepping in to ride the Wyvern that falters first. Lastly, "certain endemic life" that can be scavenged throughout the game will enable players to stun a Wyvern long enough for the protagonist to saddle up.

Now that you know how to hop on and ride a wild Wyvern, you may be wondering what's next.

Wyvern Riding grants you some great attacks

Wyvern Riding is good for a whole lot more than a wacky mode of transportation. While riding a Wyvern, players can also use them for a variety of attacks and maneuvers. 

Monsters have a light attack and a heavy attack, each of which correspond to a single button, but their most devastating move is the Mounted Punisher. While fighting other monsters, your mounted Wyvern will build up a Wyvern Riding Gauge. Once that gauge is full, the Wyvern can unleash a unique and powerful attack that makes every other move seem like a slap by comparison. Players can also dismount and launch their monster through the air, which can cause a decent amount of damage.


Of course, all good monster-hunting things must come to an end, and eventually you will be tossed off of your trusty steed. Players have a limited amount of time to ride a wild Wyvern, but it's worth remembering that you can buy extra time by using your mount to hit enemy monsters.