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Monster Hunter Rise's New Wirebug Feature Explained

Monster Hunter Rise comes to Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021, with a PC port slated for an early 2022 release. Judging by positive critic reviews, all signs point to a fantastic gaming experience. While there are many new features that have players talking, like the ability to ride dragon-like Wyverns and adorable dog-like Palamutes, one in particular is worth mastering: the Wirebug.


Thanks to details shared through an official tutorial video and the Monster Hunter site, players can go into the Rise launch confident about this complex, practical, and multifunctional feature. The Wirebug is a thin string of neon light surrounded by tiny bugs. To use it, you'll need Wirebug Charges. Basically, you'll pay with the bugs tracked through your Wirebug gauge to use its abilities, which regenerate as time goes on. Cooldown times vary, as the tool comes with a wide range of abilities.

You may be surprised by how many buttons are involved in Wirebug functionality. For starters, remember that ZL is your default "Wirebug button." Here are a few other key details to keep in mind.

Wiredash: multiple moves in one

Wiredash is just as good for moving towards your targets as it is dodging away from them. ZL + A is all you need to perform a basic ground dash while your weapon is sheathed, whereas ZL + X will send you dashing into the air. Combining ZL + ZR offers a more powerful and precise version of the ZL + A dash. Getting tired? To hang airborne on a Wirebug, hit A while already in the air (pictured above). When you're done hanging out and need to evade, use the left joystick and B.


While remembering all the Wiredash button combinations may seem a little overwhelming, the main thing to keep in mind is that "ZL + X will either get you airborne and keep you there" while "ZL + A will keep you grounded or get you there," according to the tutorial. Though this ability is the most intricate, it's also the most versatile. It may take some time to master, but it'll be worth it.

Wirefall, Wall Run, and Silkbind Attack: something for every scenario

The remaining abilities are much less complex. Wirefall is a sheathed ability that allows you to avoid further attacks from monsters who have knocked you off your feet. Hit ZL + B to escape danger. Wirefall is mostly needed in high-stress situations, so it makes sense that it's easier to master.


Wall Run (pictured above) is a breeze to pick up once you've mastered Wiredash, since it's the same exact move, just performed near a wall with your weapon sheathed. As with Wiredash, ZL + A and ZL + X are the main buttons to keep in mind. A word of warning: using this ability will eat away at your Stamina.

Finally, Silkbind Attack is the perfect enhancement for your weapons. According to the official Monster Hunter site, "All 14 weapons have their own unique Silkbind attacks." You'll use ZL + A and/or ZL + X to activate Silkbind depending on your weapon. For ranged weapons, you'll use R + A and R + X.