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How Long Does It Take To Beat Evil Genius 2: World Domination?

Evil Genius 2: World Domination arrives March 30, 2021, nearly two decades after the release of the first game in the series. The "satirical spy-fi lair-building game" tasks players with creating an evil empire that would put even James Bond's most powerful villains to shame.


The sequel boasts an impressive and familiar-sounding voice cast, as well as multiple locations where players can construct an evil lair to call their own. As many up and coming evil geniuses may already know, conquering the world takes time and patience. According to HowLongToBeat, the original Evil Genius took around 26 hours to finish, while more completionist playthroughs could take up to 32 hours. 

With that in mind, fans of the original may be wondering if Evil Genius provides the same lengthy experience, or if there's even more in store for supervillains who like to check out every secret in a game. Here's how much time you can expect to spend battling the pesky Forces of Justice in Evil Genius 2: World Domination.


The campaign is shorter, but there are plenty of extras

PC Gamer spoke with Evil Genius 2 lead designer Rich Edwards, who briefly touched on the overall length of the game. According to Edwards, players can make it through each character's campaign in "12-16 hours." However, this amount of time can be boosted further if players choose to play through side missions, which help them to build their criminal empire.


Edwards told PC Gamer, "We've made sure that there's a heap of optional content," which includes missions where players can recruit new henchmen.

However, prospective players should keep in mind that Evil Genius 2 encourages replay. Considering the fact that each Genius will play differently from the others, including different Doomsday Weapons and skills at their disposal, players may find themselves restarting the game to enjoy each play-style. With four different Geniuses to choose from, it looks like fans of the franchise will be able to devote plenty of time to the cause of world domination.