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These Are All The New Rounds In Fall Guys - Season 4

Mediatonic's Fall Guys is a crazy successful battle royale that brings gamers together in cut-throat competitions through intense obstacle courses. While Twitch streamer Shroud had predicted that Fall Guys mania would die down, the game continues to be a fan favorite. It hit a new sales milestone at the end of 2020 as the developer unveiled its big plans for Season 3. Indeed, the game has only continued to grow in popularity, and it seems as though it's here to stay.


Now, Fall Guys Season 4 is underway, meaning competitors everywhere are hustling to the finish line. With that said, players will have the chance to challenge each other in completely new courses. If it's been a while since you've run a Fall Guys course, you're probably wondering what's new in this season. Fortunately, all your questions are soon to be answered, as these are all the new rounds in Fall Guys Season 4.

Fall Guys Season 4 includes seven fresh rounds

In the middle of March 2021, details dropped for Season 4, which takes place in "a neon-drenched Blunderdome of the future." A week later, the folks at Mediatonic released patch notes for the Season 4 update, including information on the new rounds. Players will get to compete in Skyline Stumble, Hoverboard Heroes, Basketfall, Short Circuit, Power Trip, Big Shots, and Roll On.


In Skyline Stumble, which is described as a "60-player gauntlet," competitors will cross disappearing platforms, open force field gates, jump over laser beams, and more, all while traversing light-gravity sections. During Hoverboard Heroes, gamers will have to avoid obstacles while they all move forward together on a giant hoverboard platform. Basketfall is fairly self-explanatory, as it function like a version of basketball with minimal-gravity baskets

In Short Circuit, players race each other while squeezing through a brutal obstacle course complete with altered gravity. Power Trip pits teams against each other to dominate the field by lighting up more panels than the other team. Big Shots forces you to avoid objects while delicately balancing atop a teetering platform. Lastly, Roll On challenges you to stay on top of two ever-rotating wheels that are rife with hazards.


These new courses are sure to put the skills of any Fall Guys player to the test.

Fall Guys Season 4 offers two new round types

Get ready, because not only are there seven new stages in Fall Guys Season 4, but it also comes with two all-new round types. These "Squads Mode" rounds are played as part of a team.

In an interview with IGN, Mediatonic's Joe Walsh explained that what sets Squads Mode apart from the main game is that you won't necessarily face elimination if you lose a round. He described "Squad Race" as a way for players of all skill levels to enjoy a match. Instead of ending a race when a single person crosses the finish line, every contestant scores points after reaching the end. Not only does this add a new layer of strategy, but it evens out the playing field so that all participants can contribute and have fun. 


According to the Season 4 patch notes, the other round type, "Squad Survival," is all about remaining on a platform as long as possible. If you fall into the slime below, there is still a chance your team can carry you into the next round. However, if your squad scores the lowest total points, the entire team will lose the game.  

It's time to team up and hop into Fall Guys Season 4.