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Fall Guys Season 4 - What We Know So Far

Fans might be right to expect bigger and better things from Fall Guys, the adorable battle royale game, after Epic acquired developer Mediatonic. If what players know about Season 4 so far is any indication, big changes and collaborations are on the way soon.


Fall Guys debuted in early 2020 and quickly rose to popularity for its chaotic, frantic gameplay and colorful characters. Fall Guys puts a twist on competitive battle royale games by asking players to compete in challenges against their fellow beans, not kill them. Even when the Fall Guys do die, they don't really. Fall Guys can feature up to 60 players at a time, all running and pushing towards the same goal. This means things can get a little wild on screen, but that only adds to the fun.

Fall Guys is preparing for its fourth season, which boasts a futuristic theme. While Fall Guys has featured collaborations in the past, this season might be home to one of its biggest crossovers yet. Fans don't know all the details about Season 4 just yet, but they do know it's going to be a blast.


What is the release date for Fall Guys Season 4?

According to the official trailer, Fall Guys Season 4 will launch on March 22. The new season will feature a crossover with Among Us, officially bringing the two massively popular games together for the first time. The official description of Season 4 describes it as having "astronauts [and] alien invaders," stating that "even mysterious Beans In Black will try to outrun their rivals in a maxed-out season that's loaded with 7 radiant new Rounds, fluorescent fashion, emotes and loads more as they party like it's 4041!"


The Fall Guys team announced on Twitter that the game would be awarding double Fame points until the release of Season 4. Now's the time for players who haven't reached level 40 on the Fame path to rake in the extra points before Season 4 begins on March 22.

Fall Guys Season 4 promises new costumes, neon-filled worlds, and new Rounds. No one knows just yet if the devs decided to address how Guys' eat, but anything is possible at this point.

Is there a trailer for Fall Guys Season 4?

Fans may find the Fall Guys Season 4 trailer to be as adorable as it is exciting. It begins with a Fall Guy falling off the side of a map and incubating in womb-like slime before emerging in 4041 in a snazzy new outfit. The Guy runs across platforms of light, through a city of neon. The future has arrived. After the release date of the new season flashes across the screen, an animation of a Fall Guy plopping into a pool of lava flashes across the screen with the words "Fall Guy was ejected. One Imposter remains." 


Reactions to the trailer were mixed. Some fans exclaimed that Season 4 would be the best season ever, while others maintained that the game is "dead." Many fans debated which game was better in the past, Fall Guys or Among Us, with some even going so far as to create fictional rap battles to prove a point. The union of the two popular multiplayer games seemingly proves that every franchise doesn't have to be enemies. Some can play nice.

Will there be new features in Fall Guys Season 4?

Both the trailer for Season 4 of Fall Guys and its official Twitter account indicate that there will be some sort of crossover with Among Us, the ever popular bluffing game that continues to arrive on new consoles. One tweet from Fall Guys read, "Will you be attending the forbidden bean meetup?" The tweet also showed a gif of a crewmember-styled bean dropping into a pit of lava, which is one of the ways characters can die in Among Us.


IGN reported that Among Us costumes will be available March 22, when Season 4 drops. IGN also noted that Mediatonic and Innersloth hinted that the Among Us costumes were more than strictly cosmetic, and that there would be more "secrets and quirks for players to discover when they arrive." While Fall Guys costumes typically only alter the Fall Guy's appearance, the game might be taking a different turn while incorporating Among Us.

Fall Guys is currently available on PC and PlayStation, with Xbox and Nintendo Switch releases coming later this year.