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The Stunning Reason This Apex Legends Streamer Took A Loss

With so many gamers out there creating content on streaming services, viewers have seen some pretty wild stuff ranging from awkward moments like Lynchy_AU's bird attack to streamers' last words before they were banned. However, Twitch streamer MayorReynolds officially entered the running for the most unexpected Twitch surprise when he lost a match of Apex Legends after his glass eye fell out midstream.

While there is probably never a good time for someone's glass eye to fall out, MayorReynold's ocular malfunction occurred at a particularly sensitive moment in what had been, up to that point, a pretty solid Apex Legends match. MayorReynolds and his remaining teammate were in the last three squads, with a strong, high ground position on Apex Legends' newest map, Olympus.

In the clip, as MayorReynolds scans for targets, he also begins rubbing his right eye. Viewers paying close attention can then see something pop out of his eye socket, accompanied by a glass-on-metal clink as the object bounces off MayorReynold's microphone setup and onto his desk. A visibly uncomfortable MayorReynolds exclaims, "Oh my god. Be right back." He then grabs the object, which viewers soon learn is his glass eye, from the desk and leaves the room.

MayorReynolds leaves his character out in the open and fully exposed. While his teammate does their best to push him into cover, it doesn't take long for his opponents to figure out something is wrong and take advantage of the situation. It takes about 40 seconds for MayorReynolds to reinsert his glass eye and make his way back to his computer, returning just in time to see his character bleeding out, his teammate get knocked down, and his squad eliminated for a third-place finish.

After getting his bearings, MayorReynolds, who goes by that name because he is the former mayor of Whitney Point, New York according to his Twitch bio, takes some time to talk through what happened with his viewers. He explains, "For those of you who don't know or maybe didn't believe me, I have a glass eye. And ... it just flew out, on stream. It just fell out. That has never happened to me in my life, that my eye has fallen out on accident. And it just happened live on stream." 

As his viewers chastise him for touching his eye in the chat, he explains that his allergies had been aggravating it, which is a relatable occurrence for anyone bothered by pollen or any other springtime seasonal changes. Hopefully, MayorReynolds' allergies calm down, and he is able to score the Apex Legends Season 8 victory he and his teammate were denied.