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Awkward Twitch Moments That Were Caught On Camera

Twitch has the power to make streamers look like gods or portray them as the silly humans they are, and no one can predict which of those is destined to happen each time a stream begins. Twitch accommodates a variety of different stream styles. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uses the platform to discuss politics and stream Among Us. Others use it to play tabletop games, like the cast members of Critical Role, who maneuvered their streaming fame into a comic book series and a Kickstarter project that raised $11,000,000 to create an animated series.


Many users choose to share their video game experiences on-air, sometimes even falling into internet drama that inevitably comes from groups that stream together. When streamers broadcast online for upwards of eight hours at a time, awkward moments are inevitable.

Lately, streamers have put pressure on Twitch after a recent string of bans, leaving the service in a strange position of maintaining its best interests while also catering to its core membership. That being said, it's always good to take a step back and appreciate all the good things that streamers have given gamers over the years, including the strange and awkward moments that happen when streamers go live.

Attack of the bird

While Australian streamer Lynchy_AU was playing Valorant, he got a surprise visit from an animal friend. Everything was going as planned until viewers heard a loud crash, prompting Lynchy_AU to stand from his seat and yell, "Hey, bro...get out of here!" He then proceeded to fight off the stray magpie that had gotten into his room. The wild bird flew around, even hitting the Lynchy_AU in the head and knocking off his headset.


One commenter highlighted the danger of Australian wildlife, stating, "What's with Aussie wildlife honestly? Is there any animal there that won't kill you?" Another fan asked, "Are you even Australian if you haven't been attacked by a bird?" In a separate stream, Lynchy_AU explained that his partner had fed the magpies, leading to one getting into his home. 

Lynchy_Au said that he's seen the magpie video "1000s of times," but still manages to have a good attitude about it, and even promoted fellow streamer Asmongold's reaction to the hilarious magpie incident. While the event must have been harrowing, it didn't stop Lynchy_AU's streaming career. He still streams first-person shooters on his Twitch channel, but mostly without stray birds crashing the party.


Testing, testing, one, two, three

Sodapoppin built a good reputation, and a small fortune, by streaming World of Warcraft on Twitch. That doesn't mean he's immune to accidents, though. In 2016, Sodapoppin accidentally turned on his livestream and broadcasted two entire minutes of himself while testing his setup. The short clip shows Sodapoppin, mouth open, staring at his setup as he tested out his voice to make sure he sounded alright. He twisted his face, stretching it out and warming up for the session, all completely unaware that many fans were already present. In the chat of the stream, fans seemed confused about what was happening, asking if Sodapoppin knew the stream was even on. Eventually, Sodapoppin looked over at the chat, opened his mouth in shock, and said, "Wait a second, did I go live?!" Yes, yes he did.


The cringey stream wasn't the only time Sodapoppin showed his personal life to the world. In another stream, Sodapoppin argued with his then-girlfriend LegendaryLia, even complaining to the stream about her. Anytime a streamer shows private moments to the world, whether it's them getting their setup organized or arguing with a partner, things are bound to get uncomfortable.

Prepped for battle.. with a chair?

Gamers might know Ludwig, who streams everything from Mario Party to chess, from his recent Among Us romp with Lil Nas X. They could also know him from trying, and failing, to put on a full suit of armor during a livestream.


Ludwig decided to don the armor for his fans, who encouraged him to buy it via Amazon, but things went horribly wrong when he decided to rest on a chair in order to finish getting ready. Ludwig began to sit down, but missed the chair entirely, falling to the floor. Pieces of armor flew off around him as Ludwig yelled, "What happened to the chair?!" His friend laughed because, after all, there wasn't much that could be done to help the famous streamer. Sitting down in metallic armor that does not bend or break is likely to be uncomfortable at best, and a falling incident at worst.

Ludwig took it all in stride though, laughing off the incident and continuing with the stream. During another part of the session, Ludwig walked towards the camera, imitating how NPCs in many games awkwardly move, when he stubbed his toe, causing another awkward moment. A two for one special just can't be beat.


A mother's love

Jamie Pine, who developed notify.me, frequently streams online via Twitch and YouTube. For the most part, he shows footage of him working on various programming projects, which may seem uneventful for those not privy to coding languages. Though Pine mostly streams alone, he had a surprise guest during one stream in particular.


One of the risks in streaming from your parents' home is that they're likely to make an appearance. Pine's mother inadvertently joined him during a stream, and could be seen walking around behind him and going about her daily life. To her credit, she tried to avoid the limelight by crawling behind Pine's chair to reach the bookshelf behind him. However, she wasn't as sneaky as she thought, and viewers could clearly see her on her hands and knees behind Pine, moving across to the other side of the screen, then kneeling to get what she needed. Pine stopped speaking and began silently chuckling to himself. His mom, being an absolute gem, realized that the jig was up and joined in on a good laugh. The scene proves that you just can't predict what's going to happen as soon as the stream goes live.


A handful of good luck

Tyler Blevins, known more famously as Ninja, might be a little controversial, but he does know how to keep a fanbase. Still, even one of the world's most popular streamers is human at the end of the day. Ninja accidentally began streaming earlier than he intended to one day and shared an intimate moment with the world.


Ninja and his wife, Jessica, shared a sweet hug before she left him in his streaming room to get to work. Before leaving the room, Jessica gave Ninja a healthy butt squeeze, to which he responded, "Did you just grab my a**?!" She laughed and said, "I did!"

The playful encounter ended up being more adorable than awkward, and it just goes to show that Ninja's a person just like the rest of us. Before she left the room, Jessica even arranged some props behind his chair to showcase while he streamed. She's surely a loving wife indeed.

A bit too much to drink

DakotaZ, a Twitch streamer who frequently plays Among Us and Fortnite among other titles, is mostly known for publicly bickering with Ninja. However, he once decided to stream after drinking almost an entire bottle of vodka. Needless to say, it wasn't a good idea.


To be fair, DakotaZ advertised the stream for what it was, "Drunk pvp," and let viewers know up front that he'd be streaming while under the influence. After drinking a copious amount of alcohol, DakotaZ began to nod off, his head swinging right and left, as his fans began to tell him via chat to just go to sleep. After a few minutes of swerving around, all the while sitting on a menu in a game, DakotaZ fell over, moving completely offscreen.

The moment wasn't necessarily a proud one for the streamer. In a repost of the incident on YouTube, one commenter suggests that DakotaZ told his fans not to search for the drunken video. Of course, that didn't really stop anyone.