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All The New Monsters Introduced In Monster Hunter Rise

March 26 marked the release of Monster Hunter Rise, a game that took the world by storm with tons of positive critic reviews. The latest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise brought tons of new features with it, from the multifunctional Wirebug to the Palamute Buddy. It's only available for Nintendo Switch now, but a PC port coming in early 2022 means even more players can soon get in on the adventure.


As the name of the series suggests, nothing is as key to gameplay as the wide variety of monsters you will encounter and battle along the way. According to intel from the Monster Hunter Fandom wiki, there are 12 new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (depending on how you group related monsters together). Within that dozen is a wide variety of categories and capabilities.

To give you a head start before you get too deep into Monster Hunter Rise, here's a breakdown of all the new additions by monster type.


Monster Hunter Rise introduced the ability to ride Wyverns, so these new additions are key. 

Magnamalo, the "flagship monster" of Monster Hunter Rise, is a terrifying, ultra-tough Fanged Wyvern. Known as the "Wyvern of Malice," Magnamalo captures the "physical manifestation of the grudges of fallen warriors." When it feasts on its prey, purple gas called "Hellfire" radiates from it. It's sure to leave you quaking in your boots.


With a fox-like head and fur, sharp fangs, and a "tail [that] has evolved into a scythe-like shape," according to the official Monster Hunter site, the Great Izuchi will give you trouble with its combination attack capabilities. When you encounter this Bird Wyvern, you'll find smaller Izuchis as part of its herd, with the toughest two joining the Great Izuchi for hunting. All Izuchis have a scythe tail, so get ready for a bird brawl.

Aknosom is a lanky Bird Wyvern, described as "fiercely territorial." With sharp points on its wings, claws, and collar, you won't want to cross it unless you're willing to face the mysterious "eye-like crest" on its head.

Elder Dragons

Based on dialogue from Monster Hunter: World, Elder Dragons defy typical classification, instead existing more as "living, breathing forces of nature." Two new Elder Dragons, Wind Serpent Ibushi and Thunder Serpent Narwa, made their debut in Monster Hunter Rise, and they reign together as king and queen. They're the last monsters you want to underestimate, as their looming presence and deadly attacks will drive home.


According to the Monster Hunter Rise Fandom wiki, Thunder Serpent Narwa stores electricity in its "thundersacs," which create a "powerful magnetic field" that can send opponents airborne. You won't want to cross this queen without proper preparation, or you'll face some serious wrath. Wind Serpent Ibushi is equally fearsome. The king can float upside down using a special type of gas it emanates and even conjure up buffeting winds. These two are the literal definition of a power couple, but much, much scarier.

Fanged Beasts

As its name suggests, the Bombadgy combines explosive capabilities with badger-like traits. When it goes on guard, it releases combustible gas that can, you guessed it, blow up in your face. It may be less intimidating than other monsters, but don't let its cute face fool you. After you slay it, you'll find useful applications for its carcass.


The winged, monkey-like Bishaten will do more than just remind you of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz – it'll keep you on your toes with attacks as varied as throwing fruit to inflict status conditions to bashing you with its tail. You won't want to be on the receiving end of one of its pranks.

The Yeti-like Goss Harag makes its home in the snow — no surprise given its thick fur and icy attacks. If provoked, this terrifying tundra inhabitant "turns red and becomes exceedingly dangerous." As if it wasn't scary enough!

Amphibians, Leviathans, and Temnocerans

The Tetranadon is the only new Amphibian of Monster Hunter Rise, and is described as having a "gigantic, rotund body," mossy green back, and webbed feet. Known for swallowing everything in its path, it slows down post-feast but its attacks become even more deadly.


Monster Hunter Rise features two new Leviathans, a classification that consists of aquatic-based, large Wyverns. The Leviathan Almudron is best known for mud attacks. With a dragon-like appearance and tail that "oozes a strange golden fluid" used to "dissolve the ground beneath its prey," it's one to watch out for.

The serpentine Leviathan Somnacanth has "often been mistaken for a mermaid," according to official lore. Incredibly territorial and prone to appear at night, subduing its prey with sleep powder it emits from its neck, Somnacanth is the stuff of nightmares.

Finally, there's Rakna-Kadaki. Not only will this spider-like Temnoceran give you the creeps with its web-covered body, but its burning gas attacks and combined attacks with its loyal Rachnoid babies will make your skin crawl.