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How Do You Customize Your Vehicle In Outriders?

Outriders is a game that prides itself on its ability to deliver a large amount of content for players who are willing to work for it. Not only is the game free of microtransactions and live service elements, but Outriders' robust post-campaign content allows players to continue unlocking new missions and exciting mysteries well after the credits have rolled.


Gamers love to customize their characters and gear to suit their playstyle and sense of fashion. That's one of the reasons why there's such a huge market for things like expensive character skins. Luckily for players who are looking to spruce up People Can Fly's latest dose of post-apocalyptic action, Outriders offers plenty of unlockable gear for each of its character classes.

However, armor and weaponry aren't the only things that players can look forward to customizing. Outriders also has a good number of customizable options for the protagonist's truck, which acts as a hub in the game's vast world.

Head to First City to unlock vehicle customization

If you're in the early areas of the game and you're confused by your inability to customize a vehicle, there's a good reason for that. You won't be able to customize your truck until you've blasted your way to First City. After entering the Camp at First City, you'll gain access to new story missions and side quests. Before diving into all of that, go and speak with Jakub. 


As streamer DanQ8000 excitedly displayed in a walkthrough video on his YouTube channel, selecting the dialogue option "The truck. Make it look like Hell on wheels," will open the truck modding screen for the first time. From there, customization is pretty easy. This early in the game, players will have a very limited number of customization options, but players can make changes to the vehicle's color and add new accessories, like chains draped over the front. Progressing through the game and completing various challenges will unlock more customization options. 

Alternatively, Attack of the Fanboy has pointed out that players can access the customization screen by navigating to the map and then pressing right on the D-pad (console) and L on keyboards (PC version).