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Here's One Outriders Anomaly You Don't Want To Experience

With a solid plan to derail cheaters and a declaration to forgo microtransactions, is there anything Outriders doesn't have an answer for? Unfortunately, yes. Players recently reported that their inventories were suddenly wiped clean for no apparent reason.


One player shared a particularly harrowing experience on the Outriders subreddit. After completing most of the game, the player found themselves on a mission with a bad connection. Server issues are no surprise, considering Outriders has already experienced some cross-play issues, but the player then found that their character was naked and gearless upon returning to the title screen. 

The player wrote, "I am not even angry at this point, just disappointed that I just spent the last 5 days powering through the server issues and everything else making my devastator great and now it's all gone." The player elaborated that some other players have apparently experienced the reappearance of their gear after a short time. One commenter noted that gear has been erased for players who joined random groups and friends, meaning that the bug could eventually devastate many players, no matter how they engage in matches.


For its part, Square Enix acknowledged the issue and claimed to be working on it. On a Reddit thread covering known issues with the game, a Square Enix responded, "This is an issue that we are continuing to keep an eye on. Please leave us a note here if you encounter any wipes (Inventory or Otherwise) during regular play." 

The post also claimed that the company was working hard to fix server issues, which would hopefully correct the gear-wiping bug. After the bug is solved, players can expect for Square Enix to find a way to make things right for those who lost gear. "I'm hoping to share news around the way we intend to get players back on their feet," the post read.

Because players anticipated Outriders before it was released, the gear-stealing bug feels even more heartbreaking. As of now, Square Enix has not provided a timeline for when the error will be fixed or when it will restore players' inventories. In the meantime, players who experience this bug should report it to Square Enix directly

The jury's still out on Outriders as a whole. The game received mixed reviews from critics, who reported that some versions of the game had notable issues. Still, with a sizable campaign and the ability to bring friends together via cross-play (at least in theory), Outriders is a solid choice for many gamers.