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PlayStation Is Giving Portable Gaming Another Go

PlayStation appears to be giving mobile gaming another shot, as Sony has put up a job listing for a "Head of Mobile, PlayStation Studios." Spotted by ResetEra user Kostacurtas, the job listing is looking for someone to "Build and execute against a mobile 3-5yr business plan," meaning that Sony might be looking to make a new portable console to continue the legacy of the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita.

The job listing, which is looking to hire someone for a position in either San Mateo or Los Angeles, California, describes the ideal candidate as someone who could "Build and scale multiple game teams and product leaders to deliver against future title plans," with "a focus on successfully adapting PlayStation's most popular franchises for mobile." While this job posting doesn't confirm anything specific, it seems to lean in the direction of a dedicated mobile platform for Sony. However, since the listing suggests a three to five-year business plan, you probably shouldn't expect a new PlayStation portable device anytime soon.

Prior to this job listing, it seemed as though PlayStation was completely done with mobile gaming. After all, the PlayStation Vita was a complete sales failure and PlayStation halted production on the Vita back in 2019. Most recently, PlayStation delivered the final nail in the Vita's coffin by taking the device's digital storefront offline, alongside that of the PSP and PlayStation 3.

On the other hand, Nintendo's hybrid home console and mobile console, the Nintendo Switch, has continued to be a runaway success for the company. Games like Fortnite have generated an unfathomable amount of revenue on mobile devices. Despite its past failures in the arena, PlayStation might see the mobile gaming market as a revenue stream it needs to join.

It is important to reiterate that the job listing does not specifically state that a new mobile gaming device is in development. PlayStation could be developing games specifically for phones, or even a new phone with higher internal specs aimed at gamers. Sony does have a smartphone division, so it's not entirely out of the question.

Sony has been making some particularly unexpected moves in recent weeks. The Sony-developed MLB The Show 21 is also releasing on Xbox for a franchise first on April 20, launching directly onto Xbox Game Pass. In other words, the development of a new mobile gaming device wouldn't be the wildest news to come out of Sony.