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Every New Resident Evil Village Demo Monster Ranked

"Resident Evil" fans have a whole lot to be excited about with "Resident Evil Village." Ever since the world got a peek at some small details from the trailer, gamers have been eager to see what awaits in the titular village. On April 17, PlayStation owners were lucky enough to play the new "Village Demo" a bit early, giving them a brief glimpse of what the game will have to offer. 

In this demo, fans get a frightening taste of what's going on, which is perfect to pique interest without revealing too much. Of course, those who are waiting in anticipation to get their hands on the game are likely eager to know more about the creepy enemies that will be killing them in "Resident Evil Village." The good news is that you don't have to wait until you own a copy for this precious information. Here is every "Resident Evil Village" demo monster ranked.

4. Lycans

In a video preview from IGN, the werewolf-like monsters, known properly as Lycans, were described as "roughly equivalent to the zombies of previous games in the series." Writing for Den of Geek, Matthew Byrd questioned whether Resident Evil Village will have zombies at all, or if they've been completely replaced by Lycans.

Early in the Village demo, Ethan sees a menacing figure lurking behind some plant growth, which could very well be a Lycan. After a few warning shots, the beast retreats, which leads to the assumption that it has some tact and foresight in how it fights. On Twitter, games industry insider Dusk Golem confirmed this notion with information from an issue of Game Informer, calling them "smarter & trickier than any other Resident Evil enemy to date." 

If you watch the game's fourth trailer, you can really see these deadly enemies in action. In one scene, they leap fearlessly from high-level platforms with flaming torches tied to them. They can also be seen clinging to and climbing up walls, demonstrating their agility and versatility. There's even footage of them on horseback, which suggests they could be as resourceful as they are bloodthirsty.

3. The witch daughters

Lady Dimitrescu, the vampire lady of "Resident Evil 8," is already one of the most recognizable characters in Resident Evil Village, and is even more threatening when joined by her three faithful daughters. In an article for IGN, their names were revealed to be Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. Each one has her own distinct personality, which makes for a dynamically terrifying trio.

In an exclusive hands-on preview from IGN, gamers watch a scene play out where Ethan is dragged by one of the daughters to the fearsome Lady D herself. This setup helps immediately establish "the premise of a relatively weak man hunted by much stronger women."

What's especially unsettling is how the three witch daughters materialize from swarms of insects, theoretically making it possible for them to appear at any point in the game. You may think you're about to exit a room, but suddenly and without warning, one of them could manifest to ruin your day.

GameSpot's Phil Hornshaw confirmed that you will occasionally run into the vampire daughters when you least expect it. To make matters worse, Hornshaw speculated that they could not be affected by gunshots. No matter what, you can safely assume they will give you a run for your money.

2. Lady Dimitrescu

Alcina Dimitrescu is the tall "Resident Evil" villain who has become as famous as she is fearsome. While the elegant Lady Dimitrescu has inspired countless memes, she is quite a force to be reckoned with. Standing at a starling 9'6", she will make you feel very small. And with fiendishly long, curved blades that extend from the tips of her fingers, she easily puts Wolverine and Freddy Krueger to shame.

According to an IGN article by Esra Krabbe, this villainous vampiress has a height that is not far off from some of history's tallest real-life humans. As Krabbe suggests, this creates "a sense of reality, which makes her all the more frightening."

Indeed, just watching her duck through a normal doorframe, only to extend to her full height, urges you to run for your life. Such an action also gives you the sense that there's no place to run. As explained in IGN's video, her claws give her an extended attack range, and she can easily put you in a tough spot by trapping you in a corner. Another article on IGN compares her to Mr. X from the remake of "Resident Evil 2," so you're going to be seeing a lot of her!

1. The mysterious "Mother Miranda"

Who could possibly outrank the towering Lady Dimitrescu? Behind the powerful vampire villain is the mysterious Mother Miranda, who appears to be the leader of the villains. You hear her name mentioned throughout the existing trailers, but not much other information is offered, and her enigmatic nature makes her all the more terrifying.

IGN finally dug up a little more info on Mother Miranda, offering a screenshot of a framed portrait, which gives fans enough information to connect some dots.

The figure within the frame bears a striking resemblance to a woman seen standing at the center of a gathering of Lycans. There's also a mysterious silhouette wearing the same headpiece toward the end of the "Village" demo. In this scene, you hear someone shout "Mother Miranda," just before he is killed at the hands of this shrouded figure. Although her identity has yet to be confirmed, it's hard to imagine that these shots reveal someone other than Mother Miranda.

Whatever the case may be, she was once believed by the villagers to be a source of protection. This ultimate betrayal becomes a terrifying wake-up call, proving that no one is safe and no one is protected in "Resident Evil Village."