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This Honest Mistake Put Dr Disrespect Back On Twitch

The Dr Disrespect vs. Twitch saga doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon. Sure, you can watch the Two-Time in NoPixel's "Grand Theft Auto" role-playing server — sort of? And, sure, the good doctor has found a new home on YouTube following his mysterious June 2020 ban. Still, fans of the controversial streamer don't expect to see him returning to the platform anytime soon — which is precisely why his recent appearance on Twitch is causing such an uproar.


During an April 26 Code Red "Warzone" tournament saw the return of Dr Disrespect — but probably not in the way fans were expecting. While the streamer wasn't shown live (i.e. participating in the actual tournament), he did pop up in an arguably stranger medium: a commercial.

It didn't take long for the Mountain Dew-sponsored event, which was hosted by BoomTV's Chris Puckett and Katie Bedford, to be invaded by Doc. As the two hosts cut to a commercial break not too long after the event began, a familiar mulleted and mustachioed face immediately appeared on screen, hawking Mountain Dew's Game Fuel energy drink against a backdrop reminiscent of the streamer's "Arena." Interestingly enough, the hosts didn't cut away from the ad, which played in full and lasted approximately 30 seconds.


Later realizing the gaffe, however, a spokesperson for BoomTV told Dexerto, "It was an honest mistake." The spokesperson added, "We proactively reached out to Twitch to inform them about the mistake."

Basically, this whole debacle boils down to the fact that even business entities like BoomTV are shaking at the thought that an appearance by Dr Disrespect might cause Twitch to take action. While fans still don't know why the Doc was banned from Twitch in June 2020, both the so-called Champion's Club and his fellow streamers have shown support in the days since, with content creators like TimTheTatman discussing the ban and expressing how much they miss playing with him.

Twitch hasn't been coy about threatening users who stream with the Two-Time. Following a sighting in Nadeshot's "Warzone" lobby, the platform went as far as to update its terms of service, prohibiting suspended users from appearing on current users' streams. TimTheTatman recently admitted that he's not even sure he's allowed to play with DrDisRespect outside of Twitch. When asked by a fan if he would play with the Two-Time off-stream, he replied, "I don't think I can ... [It's] stupid."

Only time will tell whether or not BoomTV faces repercussions for this latest Dr Disrespect appearance. As always, Twitch and the Doc's breakup continues to be ugly and awkward for everyone.