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PewDiePie Can't Stand This Viral TikTok Trend

Although he is mainly known as one of YouTube's most famous content creators, Felix Kjellberg, or "PewDiePie," is no stranger to other platforms. On Twitch, for instance, the YouTube star donated to several Twitch streamers in his popular "You Laugh You Donate" video from September 2020. In addition, Dexerto has reported that PewDiePie happens to be favorable toward the popular TikTok platform. However, the popular content creator seems to be particularly disapproving of the way in which TikTok users "reply" to other videos.


In his reaction video to several TikTok clips uploaded on April 28, PewDiePie criticized a trend where TikTok users will record a reaction to a given clip. In the case of the TikTok clip in PewDiePie's video, the reacting TikTok user in question looks on from the left half of the screen as they apparently pretend to watch a video, seen on the right half of the screen, with a P.O.V. shot of a hand opening multiple drawers. When the second drawer is opened, a fake jumpscare initiates where a silhouette of a spider pops out at the viewer, prompting the user on the left half of the screen to pretend to be terrified.

After watching the video, PewDiePie showed frustration toward the trend. He expressed annoyance with the fact that the person in the video acted like they hadn't seen the jumpscare before now. In response, he shouted, "Shut up! Stop replying."


Later on in the video, PewDiePie watched a TikTok in which one user watched a video featuring trivia for the Adam Sandler film "Billy Madison." In the clip, the replying TikTok user takes up the left half of the screen, but doesn't say or add anything to the original clip. PewDiePie criticized this TikTok user as well, asking, "What is this? Why are you replying? Go away!" Directly after, PewDiePie admitted he was ironically "doing the same thing" by replying to the user's "Billy Madison" video.

PewDiePie's video critical of the "reply" trend has been preceded by multiple separate TikTok reaction videos, interspersed among his regular gaming videos and streams. He first uploaded some TikTok reaction videos in early 2019, right when the platform was really beginning to take off. While Pewds has flip-flopped on his feelings regarding the video sharing platform — and he seems to approve of TikTok more than Ninja — it seems like he may never warm up to this particular aspect of TikTok.