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Fans Aren't Buying This New GTA 6 Leak

A new "Grand Theft Auto 6" leak might have just revealed more of the upcoming map. Past leaks already hinted that the new game would likely take place in the Miami-inspired Vice City, which is exciting nostalgic long-time fans. However, some fans found it hard to believe that these leaks were comprised of real images from Rockstar's most anticipated sequel. Of course, some leaks come from more reliable sources than others, and fans have been seriously disappointed by fake leaks in the past

In this case, the images of this particular "GTA 6" map came from an anonymous user on 4chan, which has been home to some legit leaks in the past. One Redditor points out that the low quality and lack of detail could easily mean that the photos were faked.

That being said, the image partly stirred up interest because of how much it aligned with past leaks. TheNathanNS, a Rockstar Games content creator, pointed out on Twitter that the new image resembled earlier map leaks from late 2018. They look strikingly similar, as if each one is an expansion on the last. All of the previous images came from 4chan users, and some have wondered who would really be so dedicated as to expand upon a fake leak. In other words, some fans think that if this is a fake, then it's a pretty good fake.

Plenty of "leaks," but no solid release date

"GTA 6" has a history with false starts and dashed hopes. Just a couple of months ago, one well-known leaker backtracked on info that they'd previously stated as fact. Other recent leaks have included a possible playable female character and a map that's a larger size than anyone anticipated, but Rockstar has yet to confirm any of them.

New map leak or not, "GTA 6" seems like it could be up to a year or two away. @ViewerAnon, a reputable movie insider, claimed that Rockstar had an internal release date set for 2023 as of last year. However, that date could have changed due to COVID-19 or other complications. Meanwhile, The National has reported on job listings that indicate "GTA 6" may be in its final stages of development. In line with these findings, SVG's recent poll shows that many fans expect a 2022 release date.

When it comes to release date announcements, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick dodged the question when investors asked him a couple of months ago. Instead, he said, "Rockstar hasn't announced any new titles for the market, and when there's an announcement to be made, it'll come from Rockstar."