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The Resident Evil Baby Mod Has Gone Too Far

"Resident Evil Village" has been out for less than a week and PC modders have been hard at work, making the most cursed creations for the game they can think of — with the latest being an eerily infantile version of Chris Redfield. The mod made by JTegh on Nexus Mods replaces the head of Chris Redfield with that of a baby during the opening cutscene of the game. 


JTegh is also responsible for a recent mod that replaces the baby's head with Chris Redfield's, so this only feels like a natural progression of their previous twisted changes to the game. Of course, to make this newest mod even more haunting, the baby head has complete facial animations, except for eyes that don't move (as noted in JTegh's "known issues" section).

Over on YouTube, Dan Allen Gaming has posted a video of the mod in action, and it's worse than you imagined. Watching a man with a massive baby head order his goons to drag Ethan out of his home is as funny as it is horrifying.

A mod for every occasion

The critically acclaimed sequel to 2017's "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" sees the return of protagonist Ethan Winters, who must fight his way through all sorts of monsters, no matter how many times his hands get cut off. While the game has plenty of monsters in it, modders have been quick to add as many other options to the game as possible. With mods to add Barney the purple dinosaur or give Lady Dimitrescu a Thomas the Tank Engine face, there are plenty of horrifying options for changing up your journey through Castle Dimitrescu.


The creator of the baby mods, JTegh, has also made a few other notable cosmetic mods, including one that gives players the option to wear 2B's outfit from "Nier Automata." Another modder has made it so you can change Chris Redfield's face to look like Dante from "Devil May Cry," proving that the zombie-killing soldier doesn't always have to be a big baby.

Of course, you can also skip the mods entirely, if Baby Chris Redfield just isn't to your liking. For those who want a more "pure" experience out of "Resident Evil Village," the series' latest entry is still filled to the brim with creepy monsters and scenery. The game is also a technical powerhouse for console gamers, performing fantastically on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.