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100 Thieves Is Getting Even Bigger

100 Thieves isn't shy about its investments. The successful esports and gaming content org has announced major shifts in leadership and a new premier esports facility earlier this year. Now, just behind those accomplishments, 100T welcomes Twitch streamer Fuslie to its content crew.


Fuslie, or Leslie Fu, currently has over 940 thousand followers on Twitch and boasts one of the highest viewerships on the platform, just behind the likes of Pokimane and Amouranth. As she continues to make waves in the streaming community, it's likely that her following and experience with content creation will bring even more positive attention to 100 Thieves

Fuslie started streaming back in 2015. She's a variety streamer, so what she streams changes. Right now, she's known for games like "Rust" and "Valorant." In an interview with Streamlabs, she revealed that she started PC gaming with "League of Legends." Her roommate convinced her to stream "League," which ultimately led to her Twitch hobby. Fuslie also mentioned playing "Pokemon" and a little bit of "Neopets" in the past. Since then, she has established a reputation for bringing cheer and positive vibes to her viewers.


100T members like ValkyraeCouRage, and brookeab warmly welcomed her on social media. Other popular streamers like Sykkuno and Sonii followed suit to congratulate her.

100 Thieves is on the move

Fuslie's new contract just adds to a series of newsworthy updates from the 100 Thieves camp. First, Jack "CouRage" Dunlop and Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter stepped up as co-owners earlier in the year. Valkyrae in particular made the news as one of the first female leaders of an esports organization.


The org hasn't kept silent about new recruits, either. Kyedae, the youngest member of their crew and "Valorant" pro TenZ's girlfriend, joined just last month. She mostly streams "Valorant," uploading gaming clips and collabs on YouTube. Fuslie brings the total number of 100 Thieves content creators to 20, which doesn't include the growing number of esports players on the org's separate professional teams.

In celebration of their new crewmate, 100T content creators starred in a debut video in which Fuslie solved a "murder mystery" about Nadeshot disappearing from the house for two days. Spoiler: It was an elaborate skit put together to initiate her into the organization.