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The One Feature Sony Desperately Needs To Add To The PS5 As Soon As Possible

Not only have critics loved the PlayStation 5, but Sony's latest console received the distinct honor of being one of 2020's best inventions. Sony built a machine that's so powerful, it's outperforming the powerhouse Xbox Series X. With so much working in its favor, it's no surprise the PS5 was the preferred next-gen console for the 2020 holiday season.


Despite all of its strengths and the innovations packed into the massive new console, the system is certainly not perfect. The PS5 has some major problems that need fixing, and since Sony is already planning some kind of PS5 Pro, it's a good time to take inventory of those issues to see where the console could improve.

What do the majority of fans think that the PS5 needs? SVG received votes from 516 gamers in the United States, and this is the one feature that most people agreed was a necessary addition to the PS5.

The PlayStation 5 needs to expand

According to the poll, the feature most fans feel Sony desperately needs to add as soon as possible is internal storage expansion, coming in at 34% of the vote. Considering that the PS5's internal storage capacity is quite sad at this point, it makes sense that this is what consumers want more than anything. The second most-desired feature is 8K upscaling, which received almost 14% of the vote. This was followed by manual backups of PS5 save data, which came in at very close third place with just over 13% of the vote.


Expandable internal storage was definitely part of Sony's original plans, but unfortunately, it did not work right out of the box. The good news is that this long-awaited feature could soon come to life, which would allow PS5 owners to pack a lot more gaming goodness onto their systems. 

Since storage has been an issue for the PS5 and games have gotten so big, those who purchased the Digital Edition have had to struggle even more with data management. The system's first major update did make things a little easier on gamers who want to keep all their save data, but it didn't quite solve the problem. With internal storage expansion, the PlayStation 5 would be an even better console.