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xQc Might Be Facing Another Ban

Popular streamer xQc is potentially facing yet another Twitch ban after accidentally showing nudity on his stream. xQc has had plenty of awkward and shady moments in the past, and this incident just adds another to the already lengthy list.

As reported by Dexerto, during one of xQc's react streams, a video was sent in of a man being arrested while not properly clothed. After viewing the clip, the first thing xQc did was take down the VOD of the stream. However, that wasn't enough to stop the stream clip from making its way to other parts of the internet. In censored versions of the clip online, xQc doesn't shut the video down immediately, which could affect whether or not he gets punished by Twitch. 

xQc has yet to release a statement on the matter, and Twitch hasn't banned his account yet. However, Twitch has a very strict anti-nudity policy that's caused several streamers to be banned for periods of time. Amouranth, an extremely popular female streamer, was tricked into opening explicit images in 2020 and was hit with a suspension, despite deleting the clip and VOD that contained it.

xQc has received a few other suspensions in recent months

Twitch isn't the only platform where xQc is struggling to stay unbanned. He was almost banned from Offline TV's "Rust" server and was briefly banned from NoPixel's "Grand Theft Auto 5" role-playing server. Last year, he was also suspended from Twitter.

Some fans are arguing that xQc won't get banned this time, because the clip in question wasn't inherently sexual; it was a clip from a cop show. Others were upset with xQc's reaction and how he threw away the VOD entirely. Twitch streamer StalwartNghtmre tweeted, "What I don't understand is when things like this happen, why the streamers don't just end their stream and then restart it so there is a VOD. More so since this was in the very beginning of the stream. Losing approx 12 hours of game content for something that happened 10 min in."

According to some fans, the offending clip may not have even been why xQc removed the VOD from his Twitch channel; the streamer also apparently leaked a few private addresses during the same stream. While there's not much else xQc could have done in this situation — besides maybe stop the video much sooner — it wouldn't come as much of a surprise if he were hit with a suspension from twitch. Considering this isn't his first time being banned for nudity on his channel, he may receive a harsher ban than other streamers who are tricked into opening sketchy images or clips.