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How Much Amouranth Is Really Losing During Her Controversy

Amouranth, one of Twitch's most popular streamers, recently reported that Twitch indefinitely suspended advertising on her channel. Although she wasn't banned from the platform, Twitch's latest move meant she was no longer allowed to receive any more money from ads. If onlookers didn't think that was bad enough, Amouranth revealed exactly how much she was losing yesterday in a Reddit thread.

The good news for Amouranth is that it's not enough to end her streaming career. However, she will take a hefty pay cut. Amouranth apparently loses $35-40,000 a month in ad revenue thanks to the Twitch ruling, which adds up to roughly 500k a year. While this is obviously a huge loss for the streamer, it's interesting to note that she has apparently only divulged this information on Reddit. She has yet to mention any specific figures in her Twitter thread on the ad suspension. 

Amouranth has argued out that this suspension, which she only confirmed after reaching out directly to Twitch, showed the platform could demonetize creators whenever it wanted without warning. She claims that Twitch reps didn't reach out to her to tell her about the suspension ahead of time. She also mentioned "there is no communicated guideline" for content that isn't considered "advertiser-friendly" — something that some netizens in the Reddit thread suspected was the reason for her advertising ban. 

Why Twitch may have suspended her advertising revenue

Twitch didn't specify why it decided to axe Amouranth's ad revenue, so onlookers came to their own conclusions. Many believe that Twitch targeted her because of her recent endorsement and participation in the "hot tub meta," a trend in which streamers went live while sitting in hot tubs and swim suits. Twitch's terms of service apparently state that "partial nudity" isn't allowed. As one Twitter user pointed out, this clause includes revealing too much of one's "buttocks."

Fellow streamer xQc seemed to agree with the theory that her involvement in the hot tub meta caused the suspension. He has theorized that Twitch used Amouranth as an example for the community of what could happen if they continued with the hot tub meta.

However, in Kotaku's coverage on the hot tub meta controversy, a Twitch representative confirmed that the platform's official guidelines allow swimsuits. The policy (via Kotaku) reads: "Swimwear is permitted as long as it completely covers the genitals, and those who present as women must also cover their nipples. Full coverage of buttocks is not required, but camera focus around them is still subject to our sexually suggestive content policy."

So the exact reason for Amouranth's advertising ban still remains unclear. However, onlookers now know exactly how much she's losing after the sudden suspension.