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Ninja's Surprising Fortnite News Raises More Questions Than Answers

Ninja continues to confuse fans after quitting, then playing, then quitting competitive "Fortnite" yet again. In early 2021, Ninja stated that he'd never play "Fortnite" again, citing issues with its toxic gamer base and stream sniping. Then, in May, he tweeted a picture of the game downloading on his computer, sending fans scrambling to determine what he was up to. Although Ninja has seemingly enjoyed getting back to his roots, he  has now stated that he has no intentions of returning to "Fortnite" competitively, confusing his fans once again.

In a recent stream, Ninja had a strange response to a fan question about his return to "Fortnite." "I more than likely will not return to 'Fortnite' competitive," Ninja said. "Until...I don't know, it makes sense. Honestly, dude, I don't wanna get sucked back into the competitive s***." It's not surprising that Ninja would abandon ranked "Fortnite" again, especially considering his distaste for it. However, his recent  frustration, as well as his statement that he didn't want to get "sucked in" to competitive play, might indicate a new career path for the popular streamer.

Ninja has seemingly been burnt out by every competitive game he's tried. After abandoning "Fortnite," Ninja tried "League of Legends." While that worked out for a while, he quickly began showing off his rage quit skills and became frustrated with the game. Some fans interpreted this rage as a return to Ninja's old self, but it's possible that Ninja really was angry at his experiences in "League of Legends" ranked play, where the stakes of losing are certainly higher.

Ninja swears off several competitive games

The Washington Post has reported that Ninja also recently left his "Valorant" team for personal reasons, crossing one more competitive title off his list of options. His recent comments on "Fortnite," paired with his anger with other competitive games, could hint that Ninja is seriously considering ditching competitive play forever.

Earlier in the same stream where Ninja commented on "Fortnite," he also stated that he has "no intention" of playing "Apex Legends," another competitive game. If Ninja doesn't want to play any popular competitive games, he could be abandoning esports altogether, at least for the time being. After all, if Ninja doesn't want to play "Fortnite," "Valorant," "League of Legends," or "Apex Legends" competitively, what other competitive games are left for him to enjoy? A complete departure from the ranked esports scene might be what the famous streamer is after.

Of course, a step back from ranked play doesn't mean that Ninja will never play "Fortnite" or "League of Legends" again. While Ninja might still play a friendly Battle Royale game here or there, it's likely that Ninja won't be returning to the "Fortnite" leaderboards anytime soon. Considering the support Ninja's received on his recent, more "chill" streams, that might suit his fans just fine.