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How Dr Disrespect's New Song Was Really Meant To Be Played

Against all odds, Dr Disrespect's continued partnership with Mountain Dew Game Fuel has brought about another '80s-inspired track in which the Doc sings about the performance benefits of the gaming-themed beverage. The song, titled "Gamerobics," is being released in a unique format, as Game Fuel has revealed a promotion on Twitter to "Listen to the single as Dr Disrespect intended." That format? A limited edition "Gamerobics" cassette tape, of course.


All that fans need to do to acquire one of these limited edition cassettes is to order a case of Game Fuel from the official website using a special code — both of which are noted in the Twitter post — by June 11. Once that retro artifact shows up in the mail, they can simply pop it in the closest cassette player to hear Dr Disrespect's auto-tuned crooning about the virtues of Game Fuel over some very '80s synths.

Despite the obvious appeal of the promotion for Dr Disrespect devotees, audiophiles, and Game Fuel connoisseurs alike, fans have encountered a few speed bumps. Crucially, cassette players have become increasingly rare ever since CDs largely replaced the format in the '90s. One fan on Twitter noted that they "Can't wait to put that [cassette] into my 2000 Chrysler Town and Country minivan."


Thankfully for anyone who doesn't have a cassette player or a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country minivan readily available, the song and its equally ridiculous music video are also both available online.

The "Gamerobics" music video is an ode to gamer athleticism

Functionally, the music video for "Gamerobics" isn't all that different from Dr Disrepect's previous songs that have received the complete MTV treatment. As seen in clips for "Eclipse" and "Red Skies," viewers typically encounter the Doc in typically '80s environment created with some exaggerated CGI. In this case, the setting for his latest masterpiece is an aerobics class. As the synthesizers kick in, the Doc's vocals follow, and the song truly comes alive.


What really sets "Gamerobics" apart, however, is the evident influence and financial support of Game Fuel. Not only is Dr Disrespect singing about various aspects of the product, including its "resealable technology, designed for gamers like you and me," but the can gets multiple close-ups throughout the clip. 

However, that clear corporate backing also seems to manifest itself in the higher production values seen throughout the video. These include the presence of other actors, a complete set for Dr Disrespect and his aerobics class to interact in, and special effects such as lightning shooting out those actors' eyes after they've consumed Game Fuel. 

In many ways, "Gamerobics" represents a step up from the Doc's previous music videos. What better way to celebrate this achievement than by taking the song home in an all but dead format?