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This PlayStation Flop May Get A Second Life

Are you a fan of "Days Gone"? Would you love to see its story translated into a live-action short film? If so, you're not alone. No, it's not just fans who want to see the game come to life through a cinematic lens. As it turns out, the talent behind the project are just as eager.


Over on Twitter, "Days Gone" developer Bend Studio shared a letter with the community thanking its fans for their support. In the post, the company announced a new IP was in the works, however, people in the thread had something different in mind. And while several users were eager for a "Days Gone" sequel, one person had another cool idea.

After actor/director Stephen Ford jumped in to send some love to Bend Studio, Twitter user @TheKnightjar asked him, "what do we have to do to help you and Ascender make a live action 'Days Gone' short with @SamWitwer?" This sparked an excited conversation about potentially bringing such an idea to life.

Not only were Ford and Witwer (actor who portrayed Deacon St. John in "Days Gone") on board with the idea, but Bend Studio's Eric Jensen asked if he could "co-direct," to which Ford enthusiastically agreed.


It's important to note that such a project is, as Ford put it, "wholly hypothetical." Even so, it is encouraging to note that the people who were involved with the original game want to see this happen just as much as the fans.

What the future could hold for Days Gone

In 2019, "Days Gone" was considered an overhyped game that left many feeling disappointed, though things turned around after a rumor surfaced that it would come to PC. Eventually, "Days Gone" did indeed find its way to PC gamers, opening it up to a whole new world of fans.


From the enthusiasm on Twitter, it looks like "Days Gone" has since found a strong fan base, and now that there has been some talk of a short film, who knows what the future holds?

"Days Gone" appears to be experiencing a bit of a resurgence. If a short film were to be produced, would a feature be the next logical step? With enough people on Twitter asking for "Days Gone 2," maybe Bend Studio could finally convince Sony to make it happen. Of course, since "Days Gone" only recently arrived on Steam with "very positive" reviews, it may be too soon to tell what comes next. Stay tuned to see if there are more "Days Gone" developments.