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What PlayStation Games Coming To PC Really Means

In the modern gaming era where PCs are pushing the limits of processing power, console-makers are forced to adapt to stay relevant. While it seems as though Xbox doesn't really care if you buy a Series X or Series S, Sony has reportedly locked up games for the PS5 in an effort to outmuscle the competition. Although PlayStation is shelling out cash for third-party exclusives, the company could be going in a different direction.


In August 2020, Horizon: Zero Dawn, a huge PS4 exclusive, came to the PC. Even so, Sony disappointed PC fans long before the port arrived by claiming that it was more or less a special case. According to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, however, Sony may be changing its tune.

During a recent interview with GQ, Ryan was asked why the company shifted its policy on PC releases. Ryan explained that "there's an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and recognise the economics of game development." He added that it has become easier to put PlayStation games on PCs, thus making it a "straightforward decision."

This proved to be a lucrative move, as Horizon: Zero Dawn sold quite well on the PC. Looking beyond sales figures, Ryan observed that there wasn't a big pushback from the community, making this a viable new path for the company. From this conversation, Sony fans can likely expect a steady increase of PlayStation games released on PC — an assumption that has already partially become reality. On Twitter, Bend Studio announced that a major PlayStation title was headed to a computer near you. It turns out the Days Gone PC rumor was true, and the port will be available in spring 2021. 


Despite Ryan's claim that the community wasn't too disturbed by this direction, there are plenty of individuals who appear displeased by the announcement. One user simply said, "Do not do this, you belong to the Playstation." Another expressed what could be seen as a potentially far more prophetic outcome, stating "bad surprise, PlayStation games going to the PC, the PlayStation starts to lose relevance and less people will want to buy the PlayStation ... "

Of the two next-gen industry giants, Sony appeared to be the one fighting to keep its hardware commercially viable. If the company starts publishing AAA titles on PC, consumers very well may have less incentive to purchase PS5s. Many gamers may see the end of console gaming as an inevitability, but could this be the final blow that will put an end to dedicated gaming systems? Whatever the case, this could be another reason why you should wait to buy a PS5.