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TimTheTatman's Instagram Pic Sends Rumors Flying

If the internet does one thing well, it might just be coming up with new rumors. After streamer Kalei was randomly signed on by FaZe Clan, fans are looking for other signs of their favorite streamers being signed to organizations. Right now, TimTheTatman is in the spotlight after an Instagram picture had a curious tag.


On June 5, CouRage, co-owner of 100 Thieves, tagged TimTheTatman, Nadeshot, and others in a picture on Instagram. One of the tags was for 100 Thieves Gaming, and it happened to sit right on top of TimTheTatman. Considering that the others in the picture all have ties to the gaming group, it's a bit of a tease to stick the tag onto TimTheTatman.

TimTheTatman has been staying in LA for "business," as he mentioned in a previous stream. That business, which he said he couldn't confirm or deny, led him to stay at the 100 Thieves mansion. Coincidence? Fans sure don't think so. 

CouRage only furthered the rumors with his Instagram post, and now fans are even more excited than ever. While there were plenty of other posts on social media from the trip, including some from TimTheTatman himself, nothing was quite as teasing as CouRage's post.


Fans are going crazy trying to figure the connections out

While it's clear that something is going on behind the scenes, no one knows just what yet. Jake Lucky, a self-proclaimed "esports guy" from "Esports Talk," tweeted out the picture CouRage shared with the words, "If TimTheTatman don't join 100 Thieves after this weekend the entire community has been robbed."


Lucky's not the only person hoping for TimTheTatman to make a move with 100 Thieves — Twitter user ulyses_sanchez said "when is [100 Thieves] announcing 100Tims?" Deathwept, another streamer, had some interesting insight: "Dan Gilbert had [Nadeshot] come to the Cavs finals game when giving his [100 Thieves] investment pitch ... Did [Nadeshot] bring [TimTheTatman] ... [to finalize] 100T Tatman?"

Another Twitter user has a different idea. Esports_Chief, the community manager for Elevate, tweeted a simple prediction: "Timthetaman will join 100T as an owner." Others had the same idea. 

It's important to note that nothing here is set — this could be unrelated to 100 Thieves. CouRage could be playing an intricate joke on the internet. With more and more people watching TimTheTatman, he's become pretty popular. From streaming hilarious "Warzone" clips to speaking out about Dr Disrespect, he's making a name for himself. A partnership with 100 Thieves could be advantageous to both.