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xQc Slams Cheating Chat Members

xQc isn't afraid to voice his opinion on the state of streaming, particular when it comes to "Grand Theft Auto." After being booted from the NoPixel "GTA" roleplaying server, the streamer even said he's fine with some of his bans, accepting the punishment for breaking the server's strict rules. However, there's one thing that xQc cannot abide, and that's someone telling him what to do. Though he has charted a new and chaotic future in GTA roleplay, xQc has still found himself dealing with a large number of stream snipers and backseat gamers. While the streamer might have let his anger get the best of him in this latest debacle, his sentiment stands.


And really, xQc had a decent reason to be mad. The streamer always tries to pull off epic jobs, so he had to try and break into the notorious Lower Vault on NoPixel's "GTA" roleplay server. At the time, no one had successfully completed a heist on this particular vault, and xQc wanted to get first dibs. Unfortunately, as reported by Dexerto, he was unable to crack the puzzles necessary to get into the vault, and that's when he lost control of his chat. 

Some of xQc's viewers attempted to give him an unfair advantage by telling him how others were playing or by explaining how they thought he should approach certain challenges. After a ton of these messages, xQc had enough.

xQc snaps at fans

xQc addressed the botched heist, flew into a rant about chat members trying to tell him what to do. "This backseating chat is so f**king bad. It's so terrible man," he remarked. "I'm not crying about it; it's just like, every single move or thought, even moves that are literally anti-meta, there was a question mark."


Most "GTA" roleplaying servers have rigid rules about breaking character while playing, meaning that if xQc had taken his stream's advice, he would have been breaking character, and therefore the rules of the server.

"I'm not gonna cheat the f***ing game, you a**hats," xQc raged. Though xQc's fans were trying to help him, he was clearly frustrated that so many viewers were breaking the rules and essentially stream sniping other players to do so. xQc made it very clear that he doesn't want to be accused of playing outside of the lines again, as it has landed him on thin ice in the past.

After the attempted heist and xQc's speech to fans, he directed his character back to his day job to manage various projects going on within his gang. It's clear that this interaction frustrated the streamer, but it seems he was able to get his point across.