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1 In 4 People Think They Could Beat This Popular Twitch Streamer In Warzone

The idea of measuring your gaming skills against Twitch's most popular streamers is a pretty tempting prospect, even though they do it for a living. From Ninja to Dr Disrespect, the thought of being able to challenge one of them to a match of any given multiplayer title can be a exciting one, especially for the more competitive gamers out there. And with so many gameplay options out there, between increasingly popular battle royale titles are more traditional multiplayer games, the possibilities are endless.


"Call of Duty: Warzone" is a massively popular battle royale title among some of the industry's biggest streamers and esports players. Garnering more than 85 million players by 2020's end (despite the fact that some people think it's overhyped) the game demands plenty of patience and skill. Perhaps that's why so many players think they could wipe the floor with a number of streamers in "Warzone."

In a recent survey, SVG asked players to sound off on which popular streamer they thought they could beat at "Warzone," and a little over 25% of respondents said they'd have few problems taking down Ninja. In the past, Ninja's shared his true feelings on "Call of Duty: Warzone," complaining about its loot system and number of cheaters, so he may not be as prepared to win as some of the game's more devoted fans. However, he is still known for his gaming prowess, especially with regards to "Fortnite."


Who else did gamers think they could beat in "Warzone?"

Who else do gamers think they can beat?

Just below Ninja was TimTheTatman, who took second place with 15.89% of the vote. 

11.63% of respondents felt confident they could beat Dr Disrespect. Like Ninja, Dr Disrespect is also not a huge fan of "Call of Duty: Warzone." While he has claimed to know how to fix "Warzone" and has quit playing on more than one occasion, at least temporarily, it's still a go-to game for the Doc, which means he might not be so easy to defeat. 


11.43% said they could beat Shroud, who famously once rage quit the game after learning about the presence of a cheater. The smallest share of respondents felt they could beat NICKMERCS, a pro player who has also rallied against the cheating in "Warzone," with only 9.88% of respondents feeling confident in that claim. In other words, just because someone might disapprove of the game doesn't mean that fans think they'd be able to take them down.

25.78% of respondents selected "Other" in the survey, with players feeling like they'd be better off trying their luck elsewhere in the streaming universe.