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Places You Didn't Know You Could Explore In Cyberpunk 2077

"Cyberpunk 2077" has been making news since well before its release. It suffered massive backlash due to the colossal amount of bugs and general incompleteness of the game, which developers at CD Projekt Red knew was going to be a problem but chose to ignore. Still, some fans have decided to embrace some of the funnier bugs in the game, while others have soldiered on in spite of them as the studio continues to roll out patches. In truth, all the bad press has done little to hamper the success of "Cyberpunk 2077." Fans still want to delve into the world of Night City. After all, there's no denying the ambitious scope of the game or that Night City has plenty of nooks and crannies for players to explore.


In fact, some intrepid gamers have discovered hidden areas you won't encounter over the course of the main storyline. Some of these were clearly meant to be found, while others look like the developers were deliberately trying to block them out of the game.

Yucca, the hidden town

One of the first (and most hidden) locations you can get to is the secret town of Yucca. This small town is located in Los Padres County in the Southern California Badlands, just past the border wall. It doesn't seem like you're supposed to be able to get beyond the wall, but YouTuber edepot posted a video where they show a hidden gap in the rock assets that line the lower part of the giant barrier.


You start by climbing the rocks near the southernmost part of the wall heading east. You then drop behind a "crack" where the rock assets don't quite fit against the wall and climb through to the desert on the other side! You can see Yucca on the map, not far from where you exit the wall.

There isn't much to do in the abandoned little town, though locations like the Yucca Car Repair Shop and Yucca Telecom Tower will appear on your display, and you can find some shards laying around as well. There are also a few unfinished shells of buildings on the outskirts of town that don't even have floors!

Secret developer room

Another hidden gem is known as the "secret developer room." This hidden area pays tribute to many members of the team who worked to build "Cyberpunk 2077." Screen Rant details how to find this charming Easter egg. "When trying to discover CD Projekt Red's secret developer room in 'Cyberpunk 2077,' players should travel to the Kabuki Market's northern side. ... [F]ans should look for a shop called Prefab City, next to which is a staircase leading down." There is a garage on a side street down there which can only be accessed with a code, 605186.


The secret developer room is furnished with a sofa across from a large television. Sitting on the sofa turns the TV on and prompts Johnny Silverhand to appear beside you. He will begin to play some ambient music on the guitar while images of the developers play across the screen. There aren't any secret items or shards of hidden lore down here, but it's still a fun little pocket to discover in the chaos of Night City.

The Murk Cave

It's no secret that CD Projekt Red enjoys a good reference. "The Witcher 3" is chock-full of Easter eggs referencing various games, films, and other pieces of media, and "Cyberpunk 2077" is no different. One of the biggest Easter eggs in the game involves finding an unmarked cave. This is also how you can get the fastest car in the game for free. According to Attack of the Fanboy, "[Y]ou have to reach Act 2 of the game and finish the main mission called 'Ghost Town' before you can get it. Once you meet these criteria, the car will be located in a cave in the Badlands region."


Halfway down the cave, you'll find a shipping container with the car and a shard from the mysterious Murk Man. DC fans might recognize the similarity between Murk Man and a certain caped crusader. "'I became the shadow. I became vengeance. I became the man Night City doesn't deserve. I became Murk Man."

The car is the Caliburn, a 1,660-horsepower hypercar which costs $157,000, and yes — it comes in black.

Adam Smasher's hideout

You might remember Adam Smasher as the psychotic cyborg who killed Johnny Silverhand, but did you know he has a secret hideout? Borut Udovic of Caffeinated Gamer provides a walkthrough on how to get there, explaining that you must "make sure to buy double jump cyberware before you do this, as you might have to jump to places which are pretty high up." You will also need the key obtained from Grayson during the mission "Chippin' In."


Starting in the docks on the northern part of the Watson district, you have to jump up an orange shipping container, run through some warehouses, cross some train tracks, and then climb some stairs up the side of a building, where you'll find a door.

Smasher's hideout is inside. Here you'll find a shard titled "Rewiring Synaptic Pathways" and an arsenal of weapons, most notably the crafting spec for the legendary smart weapon, Ba Xing Chong. You'll also get to see one of Smasher's cybernetic armor suits behind a protective layer of glass.

V's secret mansion

Did you know that there's a secret mansion in the game that appears to belong to V? This mansion is actually featured in one of the game's endings, but it was never intended to be found during the actual campaign. It's located on top of a building right across the street from V's apartment, but getting there is incredibly tricky. YouTuber so Br0kEn has a video where he details how to get to the mansion.


For starters, you need the double jump and Kerenzikov implants. These will allow you to leap-frog your way across the various ledges in Megabuilding H10 and climb your way to the top. Once there, you should be able to see the rooftop mansion from the upper ledge. You'll actually have to make the jump across the two buildings, which will probably cause some damage.

There are several articles of clothing inside such as "V's Gold-Plated Boots," "V's Golden Aviators," and "V's Expensive Leggings." You can also find a "Replica of Johnny's Samurai Jacket," tons of weapons, and a handful of shards.