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ZLaner Recounts Terrifying Robbery

ZLaner, who is perhaps best known for streaming "Warzone" with his pal Dr Disrespect, recently shared a horrific incident from his real life, explaining to his fans that he and his girlfriend's lives had just been put in danger.


In the early hours of July 5, ZLaner shared the story on Twitter. He wrote, "Just had my jeep stolen at gun point while parked at a gas station. Nika and the dogs are safe, the cops found the vehicle, an eventful way to start a Monday." Fans immediately voiced their support, with some expressing surprise that the incident happened in Canada, a country with stricter gun laws than the US. Others told ZLaner that he should look into arming himself

Other streamers and celebrities like Jeff Leach, Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, and FaZe Kalei all chimed in to say that they're glad ZLaner and his girlfriend ended up safe, as that's not always the case in armed robberies. While safety is the most important aspect of any criminal encounter like this, the situation seemed odd to many fans, and several requested a full story.


ZLaner recounts the terrifying incident

While ZLaner didn't speak about the incident on a livestream or offer any follow up tweets, he did speak to Dexerto about the incident. 

ZLaner explained to the outlet, "I pulled into a gas station after my stream to grab some water and snacks with my girlfriend. I noticed a guy walking quickly up to my door on the driver's side, he was telling me to get out of the vehicle with his hand grabbing for what was possibly a gun in his jacket, we got out, he left." 


ZLaner and his girlfriend left their things in the car, wanting to leave the situation safely. He added, "We used a GPS app to track my girlfriend's phone which was left in the Jeep and ended up finding the vehicle without the guy inside."

It's unclear if the assailant knew who he was robbing, but ZLaner's misfortune is certainly reminiscent of recent discussions regarding privacy in the streaming community. xQc recently made plans to move because he feared for his life, Valkyrae and Pokimane have dealt with stalkers who found out their real life address, and other streamers have frequently reported toxic messages and fan interactions that toe the line of harassment.