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Battlefield 2042 - What We Know So Far

The next installment in EA's long-running "Battlefield" series has been officially announced, and it looks like gamers are heading into the not-so-distant future for their next dose of large-scale, mixed arms virtual warfare.


"Battlefield 2042" is set two decades from now and takes more of a conceptual technology approach, rather than the full-on science fiction vibe of "Battlefield 2142." This means that the franchise will return to a mostly modern setting, something series hasn't seen since 2013's "Battlefield 4." Gamers can expect to see plenty of plausible near-future tools deployed in the game, such as wingsuits and robot dogs, instead of more futuristic innovations like mechs.

As the first new major "Battlefield" release in three years, it appears that the game is incorporating some of the trends of the changing online shooter landscape while still staying true to the series' core formula. Here is everything known about the release date, trailer, and gameplay of "Battlefield 2042."


When is the release date of Battlefield 2042?

When "Battlefield 2042" was showcased at E3 2021, fans got something they rarely receive with super high profile game reveals: a definitive (and close) release date. After the game was unveiled at the Microsoft and Bethesda Showcase, Xbox Wire officially announced that the game would be available for PC and consoles on October 22, 2021.


Not only is the game going to be released in the near future, but there are also some exciting early access possibilities coming up, as well as a few more scheduled reveals. First up is the reveal of a new squad-based mode coming to the game from DICE LA, which will be showcased in an event on July 22.

Beyond that, EA revealed that fans can qualify for the game's open beta period if they preorder the game. Finally, the game's Xbox listing states that anyone who preorders the Ultimate or Gold editions of the game will receive early access to exclusive content on October 15, a week ahead of the game's official launch date.

Is there a trailer for Battlefield 2042?

The title and setting for "Battlefield 2042" were revealed in a cinematic trailer released on June 9, right before E3 2021 officially got underway. While that clip did include a note that at least some of it was rendered using the in-game engine, it was still highly stylized and didn't offer a ton of insight into what gamers could expect from actually playing the game when it arrives in October.


Just a few days later, however, during the June 13 Microsoft and Bethesda showcase, fans received a full gameplay trailer. While that footage did contain a "Pre-Alpha" disclaimer in the corner, it is likely a reasonably accurate representation of the experience as a whole — particularly when you consider how close the game's release date is.

In that newer clip, players battle their way through a desert cityscape torn apart by a vicious sandstorm. Fans also have a chance to see some of the new tricks that "Battlefield 2042" has in store for them, such as air-dropped tanks, dynamic grappling hook movement, and players jumping off of skyscrapers to wingsuit away to (relative) safety.

What will the gameplay of Battlefield 2042 be like?

While the developers haven't announced any plans to deviate too far from the standard "Battlefield" formula of open warfare and mixed arms combat, a few changes are coming that might make "Battlefield 2042" the biggest game in the franchise yet.


Right off the bat, "Battlefield 2042" will double the size of matches on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, jumping from 64 players to 128. In addition, EA confirmed to The Verge that for the first time the game's signature online modes, Conquest and Breakthrough, will both be supplemented by bots to help fill out servers.

Beyond that, EA has noted that two new modes are coming to "Battlefield 2042." The first is Hazard Zone, and while details about what fans can expect from that experience are still slightly thin, the developers promise a modern take on squad-based combat. The final gameplay mode has yet to be announced, although Xbox Wire stated that it would be revealed during a planned event set for July 22.


While fans may not know what that new mode is yet, they know what it is not: battle royale. Game director Oskar Gabrielson told The Washington Post in no uncertain terms that the game mode popularized by the likes of "Fortnite" and "Call of Duty: Warzone" would not be a part of "Battlefield 2042." Thankfully, it sounds like fans will have plenty of other ways to keep themselves occupied when the game arrives in October 2021.